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Bushfire protection is what we do

Bushfire protection is what we do and after 10 years in the Fireboard industry, FireCrunch products are now used extensively throughout the country.

FireCrunch has been tested by NATA laboratories in Australia ( CSIRO) and others – see certifications.

The increasing intensity and duration of bushfires is what Australia has to contend with in dryer and longer summers. New regulation and modifications to older bushfire systems to eliminate exposed timber and use masonry walls in many cases have made this a very expensive exercise.

FireCrunch has however been able to design new systems under the new NCC structure (National Construction Code) that allows for “Alternative performance solutions” to be used to combat the burn down capability of homes in BAL FZ areas.

FireCrunch uses 22nd century materials which are totally non-combustible at 1000 deg c ( AS1530.1) and withstands fire at 1000 deg c up to a continuous 90 minutes (AS1530.8.2) and (AS1530.4 (C1..C19)-/ 2025 ) and more .

FireCrunch clad homes constructed to FireCrunch clad Manual specifications, will not burn down in firestorm, no matter how fierce.

So you don’t have to live in an ugly Concrete block house.

We have decorative external timber appearance weatherboard which can be set vertical or horizontal and exterior cladding, roofing and decking all BAL FZ approved. Interiors can bet set with our K-Clad TE10 finish board for plaster set joints or use the new fashionable match lining.

K-Wall can be set vertical or horizontal (A fire wall and finish wall), which can be painted texture painted or rendered to your choice.

If you are a bushfire victim and looking for assistance with rebuilding, please see bushfire victim support.

Call us for more info 1300 933 102 or technical@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au


Help for Bushfire Victims

FireCrunch Australia is offering a 20% discount to all bushfire victims those who lost property in the recent Bushfires in Australia.

Over 18 million hectares have burned in the Australian bushfire season 2019–2020 as of mid-January according to media reports, destroying over 5,900 buildings including over 2,800 homes.

Protect your home from bushfires

Your home will be protected and safe in a firestorm if you use FireCrunch exterior cladding. Available in fashionable panel effects and timber / groove board (for vertical and horizontal set). All FireCrunch products are BAL FZ Certified. (AS/3959- AS/1530.8.2) BAL FZ.

  • K-Wall Timber appearance weatherboard or texture coated cement type appearance finishes.
  • K-Clad can be painted texture painted or rendered .
  • K-Clad is termite proof protects all timber framing.
  • K-Clad is economic at $20.00 per m2 use on timber or steel framing .
  • K-products cover walls, roofs, floors and Eaves all AS/3959 bush fire compliant certified.

Real benefits with FireCrunch K-Clad

  • Resistant to Fire
  • Resistant to Flood
  • Resistant to termites & bacteria
  • Impact resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Mould & mildew resistant
  • Made to meet Australian Conditions.

Check with your architect, project manager, and your local surveyor or certifier.

FireCrunch has full DTS or NCC regulation assessments and certification covering all of its products.

For more information and to get a quote for the assistance package, call 1300 933 102  or email support@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au.

Counting the cost 2020

The entire country is counting the cost with many adversely affected in some way or another by these horrific bushfires that have decimated huge tracts of our land, caused many deaths and destroyed over 2000 homes and other commercial properties.

The 2020 Black Summer bushfires have killed a huge and unknown number of our amazing and diversified unique wild animal and bird life, Australia feels it…and the world knows.

Extra help for bushfire victims

FireCrunch Australia is providing direct assistance to bushfire victims those whose properties have been destroyed and are now counting the cost of re-building. Further discounts on our wholesale priced product range will assist these victims rebuild their homes.

FireCrunch warrants that with this NATA LABS CSIRO fire tested cladding, (a new form of MgO called FireCrunch (MgSO4) a composite fire protective material) that no home constructed with FireCrunch MgSO 4 K-Clad to our specifications, will ever burn down in a fire storm. All internal contents will stay protected, while the property stays unattended and the family leaves in good time.

FireCrunch is a sponsor of the Australian Volunteer Firefighters Association.  Support this amazing group of Australians.

Call us on 1300 933 102 to enquire for special assistance, refer enquiry to Bushfire support FCA

Fire Protection in Australia

Fire protection is essential in Australia. For most of us the home we live in is the largest single investment we normally make and in doing so the home becomes the centre of much that we do.

It’s the protection for the family and is usually designed to suite the personal aspirations we have in a comfortable and more and more so an environmental fire safe building product which reduces Co2 by up to 95% in manufacture protecting the environment  (New Scientist magazine USA).

Climatic variances are damaging

Unlike some countries Australia is subject to some extremes of weather and temperature and specific parameters of construction must be addressed to meet these variable conditions that have often proved fatal in the past fire, flood, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

Bushfire safe building

Fire and bushfire safe building is one of these conditions as Australia experiences some of the world’s fiercest bushfires on a very regular basis throughout the hot dry summer months.

Bushfire safe building is essential and choosing the right type of fire tested and Fire resistant building materials is mandatory to survival of your home in Bushfire building areas such as BAL FZ.  FireCrunch meets the maximum requirement protection level of (Bushfire Attack Level) BAL FZ Flame Zone, Fire Tested by the CSIRO and AS 3959

Keeping you safe with fire protection products

FireCrunch is a new type of fireproof building board material which is a magnesium oxide building board, MgO board and features a total fire block to intensive fire storms over 1000 deg c. This bushfire-safe building board product has been tested and certificated to the BCA Australian standard FRL 90/90/90 which means 1.5 hours at a continuous 1000 deg c and meets the Australian Standards AS 1530.8.1 and 1530.8.2 FRL 30/30/30.

Fire resistant and fireproof building board exterior and interior for all bushfire safe building. It is fire tested compliant and ideal for boundary fire walls fire separation walls in detached homes townhouses semi detached duplexes and high rise residential and commercial buildings.

Interior/exterior wet areas, decking, floors, etc.

FireCrunch has several additional benefits over Gyprock alternative and gyprock paper-based plasterboard board, it can be used in all aspects of home building where fire resistant building boards are required. Withstands fire, floods, termites and impact.

Apart from being a much better gyprock alternative for  interiors as it is much stronger it will also not gather mould and mildew in wet areas and bacteria cannot survive on FireCrunch magnesium oxide MgO board so your home becomes a much healthier place also.

Termites walk away

70% of households are still being built with timber framing, Termites are repelled by MgO magnesium oxide board. They cannot reach Mgo enclosed timber framing and FireCrunch remains inert in water or flooding. FireCrunch is termite-proof.


Just dry out the board and timber framing and reseal and repaint, try doing that with Gyprock plasterboard which just falls off the walls, makes an incredible mess when soaked, and cannot be reused at all.

Customer satisfaction

FireCrunch has been able to create a strong image by offering these new CSIRO Fire tested and fire resistant  magnesium oxide building products of highest standard all CSIRO Australian fire tested. Protecting  homes from a bushfire attack and determining that a bushfire safe and fire safe building plan is made much more affordable with FireCrunch fire resistant building and fire proof fire separation walls and boundary firewalls.

Call us for assistance or help!

Whether you are a major projects manager needing to get a better cladding option in less expensive product by eliminating  multiple layers  of plaster board to reach an FRL of  60/60/60 or 90/90/90 where one layer of 10mm FireCrunch achieves the same fire rating with a dramatic reduction in project labour costs.


You are a homeowner wanting to upgrade fire protection in a Bushfire building area or any area or maybe building a new home in a Bushfire building area and are seeking a bushfire safe building process with substantial cost savings over brick and cement block type constructions as a gyprock alternative.

Call us any time on 1300 933 102 or email technical@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au

Fire proof decking

FireCrunch K-Deck 16mm decking is the ideal fire proof decking for country cottage timber look feel and  meets the max flame zone ratings and bushfire attack level (BAL FZ).

  • CSIRO tested
  • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL FZ)
  • Flame Zone max rating (AS/ NZS 1530.8.1 and 2) issued under NCC alternative system AS/3959

As a leading fire resistant, CSIRO fire rated building board, FireCrunch is perfect for timber look non combustible, AS 1530.1, and fire proof flooring and fire proof decking and external fireproof weatherboard appearance, external weatherboard and external groove board applications for residential and commercial properties.

A strong, durable and lightweight fire resistant groove board, composite fire rated building material with several resistance factors of not only fire, but water, sound, impact, bacteria, mould and termite resistance.

Fireproof Decking (BAL FZ)

With a fire resistance level of FRL 90/90/90, K-Deck is 100% compliant for bushfire BAL FZ building prone areas BAL 12.5 , BAL 19, BAL 40 AND BAL FZ Flame Zone max (BAL FZ) and can withstand temperatures of up to 1200⁰C.

As an environmentally friendly, low C02 ,sustainable all in one building board, K-Deck is the smart and dependable choice.

Gyprock Alternative

Gyprock Board and plasterboard types have been sold for the last 60 years mainly because there has been nothing in an improvement in a Gyprock alternative or equivalent fire tested building board or environmental building board to better clad the interior and exterior of homes and buildings.

FireCrunch has developed a wide range of interior and exterior use Gyprock alternative building board cladding products that have huge user benefits compared to weak high maintenance in “so called” Fire Proof Plaster Board, and the very harmful health effects of such paper based products in enabling mould mildew and bacteria to grow upon it. Homes schools and Hospitals are major beneficiaries of FireCrunch a Gyprock alternative Board. Gyprock has a weak structure and immediately dissolves in water or flooding.

FireCrunch provides a huge frame bracing value and a class 4 and up to 5 surface finish so is ideal for a wide range of applications

Gyprock Alternative

Considering a Gyprock Alternative, FireCrunch is the real alternative, FireCrunch MGO magnesium oxide board is for the reasons outlined above a superior product in long term use, but it has some serious additional benefits which place it far ahead of its Gyprock alternative Board and Fire proof plaster board competition.

Fire, Flooding and Termites

Are three primary elements which cost Australian home owners million of dollars each year to say nothing of the Bushfire safe building needs   safety risks in metro and bushfire building areas. Gyprock Board is just a building cladding material and can only be used effectively for interior cladding. Gyprock has no way of combating fire really effectively at all in a 10mm board hand requires multi layers of 13mm and 16mm Gyprock plasterboard to Achieve a high 90/90/90 FRL . gyprock  has been an economic disaster and a cost effective disaster for 60 years. Gyprock Gypsum Fire tested building board just collapses in water or flooding and is no protection against termites who eat through the paper covering and then though the soft Gyprock plasterboard and start consuming the timber framing.

Many benefits suiting Australian climatic conditions

The FireCrunch Fire Resistant Building Board compared to Gyprock Board is of enormous value; Gyprock Alternative board like Firecrunch provides protection against sustained fire attacks. Firecrunch board protects for up to 1.5 hours 90 minutes at 1200 deg c FRL 90/90/90 and is BCA Australian standards fire tested BCA approved product (With just 1 layer of 10mm FireCrunch. Gyprock Alternative Board and similar.

Fire Proof Plaster Board needs multiple layers with attendant substantial increase in material costs and heavy installation labour

Gyprock Board 10mm has no tested Fire separation wall  protection certification for FRL 90/90/90 and cannot protect against fire for 90 minutes with a single 10mm board as does FireCrunch


No totally Fire Proof Plaster Board, really exists but FireCrunch is a new form of Fire Resistant Building Board, made of magnesium oxide  MgO board  with very high fire resistant values replacing weak Fire Proof Plaster Board, and Fire resistant building board with a far superior stronger and longer lasting magnesium oxide board, MgO. FireCrunch Fire Resistant Building Board.


In Australia, Bushfire breakout is a common issue that people face, particularly during the summer days. This is the reason why fire protection systems have become so important for people living in bushfire BAL FZ areas who really need to fire protect there homes with bushfire safe building using FireCrunch.

Gyprock is non environmental

Considering the Co2 damage that Gyprock does to the environment as it generates 95% more Co2 in manufacture that of MgO Magnesium oxide Firecrunch. Most people and certainly architects designers and Govt planning authorities now look towards MgO board to use a gyprock alternative fire resistant building board such as FireCrunch.

Why need Gyprock alternative?

So, these are a few important reasons  that should make you think about a Gyprock alternative. We at FireCrunch firmly believe that your house or residential building must be protected with the best options in the current building industry where fire resistant and fireproof building board is now a reality

As a matter of fact, the Gyprock boards contain gypsum and it is not recyclable. FireCrunch Mgo is 100% recyclable and is  composed of 45% recovered oxide waste

Non-recyclable Gyprock boards become a kind of waste and polluting material, and this is the reason why we focus so much on MgO or magnesium oxide board as well as for Fire resistance building.

Flooding and water damage

Another major reason that makes Gyprock plasterboard a poor choice is the solubility of gypsum in water. As a matter of fact, gypsum is highly soluble in water and just falls apart in flooding making a serious mess in the home.

The gyprock alternative in the form of FireCrunch will not degrade in water at all. Just wait for 3 days in warm weather to dry it out , light surface sand and apply new sealer and paint.

That’s a lot less mess, damage and expense to have the whole lot cleaned up and removed and new linings and expensive labour to replace it. A lot less expensive and a lot less damage to your home.

Termite proof protection

Termites are another  reason that makes FireCrunch a better  gyprock alternative building board. FireCrunch repels termites and will not accumulate bacteria mould or mildew.

Gyprock board is a very  bad option for termite protection. The termites can easily munch through the paper layering, followed by eating away the soft plaster and into the timber framing. So, the Gyprock boards do not last for long. This is the reason why we firmly believe that it is better to invest a little more in the termite and fire and water resistant FireCrunch fireproof building products  Buy FireCrunch for a one time purchase and stay worry-free for a very long period. At our website, www.firecrunch.com.au you can choose from different sizes of Gyprock alternatives, based on your requirements and budget as well.

For this reason, our experts always provide the best services with the help of their in-depth experience. So, let us know what you need, and FireCrunch Fire resistant building board will be ready to assist you anytime. Give us a call and let us know more about your requirements.

1300 933 102   or technical@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au

Bushfire Seasons

Bushfire seasons are getting longer each year

The Californian bushfire tragedy reminds Australians that our own fire season is imminent – no one wants to lose their home over the summer, but it can be hard sometimes to know what you can do to protect it.

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Are you Prepared for This Bushfire Season


The New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) is predicting a possible early start to the bushfire season in New South Wales as parts of the state continue to experience a prolonged dry spell.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a neutral El Nino outlook over the next few months and some of the state’s most significant fires have flared up in similar weather.
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Fight Flood with FireCrunch

At FireCrunch, we are devastated seeing and hearing about the floods currently affecting homes and communities in Queensland and Northern NSW.

Prevent the heartache and expensive flood damage in future, replace NOW with Xclad ( from FireCrunch) Flood resistant cladding,10m times stronger than Plasterboard, protects expensive timber framing from termite attack and is 100% CSIRO fire tested to Bushfire BAL FZ and well over. Meets the AUST BCA standard. Your insurer may assist in future premiums ask them!
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CSIRO Logo FireCrunch has been fire tested by Australia’s
highest testing authority, the CSIRO.

Our technology helps prevents fire damage. Download our brochure containing all our essential services which showcases the quality of FireCrunch.

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