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Technical / FAQs



Q1: Can I use FireCrunch for construction in a BAL FZ Area?
Q2: How do you set the joints on FireCrunch?
Q3: Can I put wall and floor tiles on FireCrunch?
Q4: Do I need any special tools for FireCrunch?
Q5: Does FireCrunch have Australian Building Code certification?
Q6: Does FireCrunch have installation manuals?
Q7: How does FireCrunch compare to other building panels?
Q8: How does FireCrunch perform in tropical, high humidity areas?
Q9: How is FireCrunch different to plasterboard?
Q10: How should FireCrunch be stored and handled?
Q11: Is FireCrunch comparable in price to plasterboard?
Q12: Is FireCrunch environmentally friendly?
Q13: Is FireCrunch fire proof?
Q14: Is FireCrunch sound proof?
Q15: Is FireCrunch termite proof?
Q16: Is FireCrunch toxic in any way?
Q17: Is FireCrunch water proof and what pre preparation work is required?
Q18: Is there information available on the strength of FireCrunch for flooring?
Q19: Should I use nails or screws to fix FireCrunch?
Q20: What are the acoustic properties of FireCrunch?
Q21: What is FireCrunch made from?
Q22: What is the Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of FireCrunch?
Q23: What is the R-Value for FireCrunch?
Q24: What should I do if FireCrunch gets wet before installation?
Q25: What sizes and thicknesses does FireCrunch come in?
Q26: What thickness FireCrunch should I use for flooring?
Q27: What type of board edges does FireCrunch offer?
Q28: What types of paint can be used on FireCrunch?
Q29: What types of render products can I use on FireCrunch?
Q30: Where can I buy FireCrunch?



Any questions or queries not yet answered, Call 1300 795 774 or email: sales@firecrunch.com.au

FireCrunch has been fire tested by Australia’s
highest testing authority, the CSIRO.

Our technology helps prevents fire damage. Download our brochure containing all our essential services which showcases the quality of FireCrunch.

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