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New improved FCA FireCrunch FireCrunch building products save time, material costs, and labour while being a contributor to health and the environment by reducing Co2 emissions in manufacture. A healthier stronger product and adverse to damage from the severe Australian climatic conditions whilst lowering green house gas emissions by 90% AND INTERIOR / EXTERIOR applications.

Plus eliminating the destruction of millions of trees to make paper lined plasterboard.

Low cost, low maintenance

It is ideal for high traffic areas public buildings, medical centres, hospitals, schools, prisons, etc and wherever a long term life and low maintenance product is required.

Single sheet fire and finish board

In fire separation walls where the surface finish produces a top class 4 /5 commercial finish with just a sealer and 2 top coats, no additional sheeting is required.

Eliminates up to 2 layers of plaster board and high acoustic value

Installation using FCA and FireCrunch products in fire walls eliminates up to 2 layers of plaster board in general applications to FRL 90/90/90 with single 10mm sheet each side of the frame in single or double stud configuration and an acoustic level of Rw 62 plus ctr. On the standard form double stud frame eliminating expensive thick walls in Hebel and CSR , Boral shaft liner systems, which reduce floor lease capacity.

Fire Wall Penetrations

CSIRO has Assessed FCA to “REQUIRED” FRL …/90/90 WITH SNAP FIRE SYSTEMS FIRE COLLARS AND PENETRATIONS APPLICATION, USING 1 X 10mm FCA SHEET EACH SIDE TO FRL …./90/90. Eliminates multiple layers of plasterboard when you use SNAP Fire Collars./p>

Walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, plumbing and electrical..

With a NATA / CSIRO certification AS1530.4 (C1..C19)-/ 2025 Fire Protection Level (FRL) of 90/90/90 and over and a competitive price to match, FireCrunch offers construction projects and project managers tendering for such work with a unique benefit of cost reduction in fire separation wall materials. More so, in the expensive additional labour installation costs of multiple layers of weak high Co2 pollutive so called fireproof 13mm and 16mm paper lined plasterboard on each side of framing.


FCA reduces a fire wall thickness from up to 320mm to 220mm Increasing floor space rental and ROI in USING double stud acoustic frames.


Expensive, heavy, hard to install and brittle 75mm Hebel panels which require the addition of timber framed SERVICES panels and delays on wet wall construction plus the added installation of additional paper lined plasterboard in 13mm or 16mm Fyrchek add considerably to such costs.

CSR AND BORAL Shaft liner systems requiring expensive hard to handle 25mm 3000 x 600 Fyrchek and similar plaster board requiring further H stud fixings and U tracks to secure, plus aluminium right angled clips top and bottom, H stud fixings and U tracks to secure dramatically increases the cost per m2.

FCA 10mm has none of these issues screw directly to timber of steel framing with no steel separator top hat battens and is unaffected by rain unlike shaft liner plaster board which has to be installed on the ground floor of town houses etc before the roof can be erected . FCA has no such issues.

FCA 10mm has none of these issues screw directly to timber of steel framing with no steel separator top hat battens and is unaffected by rain unlike shaft liner plaster board which has to be installed on the ground floor of town houses etc before the roof can be erected . FCA has no such issues.

FCA can Reduce Labour and Material Costs up to 70%

Frequently, fire walls of FRL 60/60/60 and above require multiple layers of plasterboard and more, it is the high cost extra labour content of such installations which significantly affects margins. The cost of up to three times the material in transport (billed on weight), three times the site unload, 3 x times the crane up load time, 3 x the number of sheets to be installed and set, is the reason why there is a fast growing huge shift in fire wall materials specification to FCA products. 50% to 70% decrease in overall costs

This weak and ineffective fire rated plasterboard material and expensive labour induced installation costs, can drop up to 70% when you choose FireCrunch. By using one layer of 10mm FireCrunch magnesium oxide building board, you can cut your costs significantly. FireCrunch interior and exterior lining and facades board on each side of a single 90mm or 76mm x 2 double stud fire wall steel or timber frame dependent on the FRL required.

FireCrunch is applicable in all forms of fire rated and non-fire rated construction in wall cladding, flooring, ceilings, roofing, truss liners, fire separation walls, fire rated boundary walls and many more.

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For further information, Call FireCrunch Australia on 1300 933 102 or email technical@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au for more information.

(Non metal corrosive MgO board contains no corrosive Mag Chloride)

With the reliability and durability of our FCA fire rated ceiling panel range, you can now reliably ensure that RISF resistance to insipient spread of fire is a non event with FireCrunch fire resistant ceilings and FireCrunch fireproof ceiIing systems meeting BCA Australian standards.

Smart, simple and safe, incipient spread of fire contained FireCrunch approved fire and fire rated ceiling floor systems are committed to continually delivering only the best quality fire rated ceiling panel options. Made from lightweight and easy to work with fire rated Magnesium oxide sulphate boards (MgSO4) materials.

With the added benefit of rigorous CSIRO Fire testing, our Firecrunch fire rated ceiling panel range is BCA standards approved and is 100% fire safe. The market is saturated with fire rated ceiling panel options that just do not get the job done and compromise the safety and security of people and buildings. FireCrunch insipient spread of flame and insipient spread of fire RISF tests make FCA products the first choice in Fire Resistant building .

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highest testing authority, the CSIRO.

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