AquaCrunch (Internal Only)

Clear Primer Sealer

AquaCrunch primer sealer is a highly effective clear water based primer based on silanes, siloxane and acrylic. It equalises surface porosity to ensure even application of subsequent top coats and improves adhesion of subsequent materials.

AquaCrunch is highly water repellent (hydrophobic) sealer. It is low viscosity and specifically designed to penetrate and protect FireCrunch MgSO4 Board.

It protects subsequent top-coats from attack from moisture and salts from inside the substrate.

It is recommended to apply to all existing and cut joints prior to installation and the installed board prior to or as soon a practical after installation. Seal only front facings do not seal rear side of board.

AquaCrunch is specially formulated to suit FireCrunch (MgSO4) boards, eco and fire protection cladding products. AquaCrunch is a warranty related product. Use of any other type of regular non VP primer sealer on FireCrunch (MgSO4) will void the warranty.

  • Hydrophobic
  • Vapour & Gas Permeable
  • Penetrating
  • Surface Equalising
  • Surface Binding
  • Improves Top Coat Application
  • Protects Against Salt Attack