Terms of Business/Sales

FireCrunch Australasia Pty Ltd (FCA PL)  ABN 37 620 875 040 is a wholly-owned Australian company registered with ASIC – The Australian Security and Investments Commission Canberra.

FCA PL supplies at trades and retail rates to licensed builders and those with Government qualified licences for owner builders. It publishes current price lists to enquirers.

Terms of Business are:

  1. All orders are pre-paid, manuals of instruction are posted on the company web site – firecrunch.com.au – under Technical.
  2. Technical manuals are relative to the warranty provisions and should be read carefully.
  3. The warranty states the Terms & Conditions including the period of warranty.
  4. Further links to the FCA PL technical manuals and warranty are posted in the invoice email to “read carefully” before use of FCA products.
  5. Damaged goods from the warehouse to the customer site are the responsibility of the buyer/customer.
  6. All pick-ups by customer or carrier are photographed and signed as received in good order.


ABN 37 620 875 041