You are now looking at certification of Australia’s most extensively fire tested products – NATA Labs test compliant, economical, multi-purpose protective cladding.

FireCrunch Australasia is CSIRO Fire Certified to Australian Standards. FireCrunch focuses on CSIRO and NATA Labs approved building boards that go above and beyond certifications with a view to future-proof construction including free standing houses in bushfire areas.

FireCrunch has a very high Fire Resistance Level (FRL) tested to 120 minutes and more.

  • CSIRO Fire Certificates of BCA compliance.

  • AS1530.4-2014 (C1..C19)-/ 2025 FRL systems test FRL 90/90/90 AND 120/120/120 Steel frames 90mm x 45mm Min 1.15BMT (Load Bearing 55kN) DTS.

  • AS 1530.1 non-combustible, non-flammable fire test CSIRO DTS.

  • AS/3837 Compliance smoke release test and heat transfer Cone Calorimeter test AS/ 3837 Group 1 (A2.4 BCA) Certificate No. 1278/ FNK 9471.

  • Meets AS/ 3859 Bushfire Attack Level (BAL FZ) Flame Zone FRL 30/30/30, Roofing test FRL …60/30 meets AS/1530.8.2 (Steel/Timber frames).

  • Under AS1530.4-2014 (C1..C19)-/ 2025 walls, ceilings, floors decking and roof liners.

  • AS/5637 NEW Assessment 2020 /2025 incipient spread of fire (RISF) and flashover.

Statement by the CSIRO on each certificate:

This is to certify that the element of construction described below was tested by the CSIRO Infrastructure Technologies in accordance with Australian Standards 1530 methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures Part 4-2014 on behalf of FireCrunch  Australasia Pty ltd.

 Fire tests are available for download on this page, as specified in the FireCrunch product literature and on our website. A copy of the full CSIRO reports can be obtained on request from support@firecrunch.com.au.


FireCrunch Australasia Pty Ltd is an Australian company owned and operated by Australians and registered with The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Canberra, under the Corporations law.

FireCrunch Australasia is a product trading, business name, owned by FireCrunch Australasia PL. FireCrunch is a CSIRO, NATA accredited tested building board tested under ISO/IEC 17025, meeting Australian BCA fire standards to the FRL level as stated in the certificate numbers 2674/report FSV 1708, certificate number 2707/report FSV 1711 and CSIRO Fire assessment report 3165.

installation & Warranty

Check our Fire Installation Manuals for detailed instructions on all products and uses (warranty).

These instructions are to be read very carefully before attempting installation and installations are only to be effected by registered trades and builders holding a State ID license current at the time of installation.

State licence at the time of installation

Non-compliance to these tested installation procedures and recommended support products and manufacturer’s instructions and installation by a trades person with a current Trades license in the state of installation will void the FireCrunch product and Fire warranty.

FireCrunch Warranty

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