Strength is one of the most important factors that FireCrunch reinforces in the production process of our fire resistant building material, with high impact and durability. We focused on the element of strength to ensure weight and size was not sacrificed to ensure the maximmum durability. The end result is a fire resistant magnesium Oxy-sulphate or magnesium sulphate (MgSO4), fireproof building board that is both durable and resilient to impact, while also being lighter in weight and easier to cut drill rout in use. With these elements combined, it has redefined how Fireproof building boards and Fire resistant building materials as a whole should be manufactured in protecting the environment, resulting in heavily reduced losses of oxygen generating CO2 absorbing green trees to make cheap paper lined plasterboard. FCA is only a 5% contributor of CO2 with plasterboard at 95% on an index of 100.

Our industry leading designers understand the demands of the builder and the end consumer in order to ensure they both benefit from our all in one, multipurpose fire resistant, FireCrunch magnesium Oxy-sulphate building board, MgSO4.

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