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Estimators & Specifiers

Estimators & Specifiers

FireCrunch is Australia’s premium fire-resistant building board with strengths across all areas of the product. Its cost effectiveness being the most noteworthy. In comparison to plasterboards, labour cost for handling and building are far superior. FireCrunch being up to 50% the cost to complete fire walls of FRL 90/90/90 compared to regular plasterboard, when the substantially reduced labour of 1 x 10mm sheet of FireCrunch per side compared to multiple sheets of 13mm and 16mm conventional Fyrchek and similar building boards.

FireCrunch is also easier and faster to install and fix as it is a lightweight material and is another reason why FireCrunch has now become the most cost-effective fire-resistant building board in Australia. FCA FireCrunch contributes to substantial overall labour cost reductions with up to 70% less fire rated cladding, inbound transport, expensive crane up and site handling.

FireCrunch only requires 1 x 10mm sheet each side frames compared to multiple layers of plasterboard. The best example is FRL 90/90/90 where up to three layers of plasterboard can be required each side (6 sheets) compared to two sheets of FireCrunch.

The cost savings are further attributed in:

  • 2x more transport cost to site/weight rated
  • 2x more labour to site unload
  • 2x more Crane up time
  • 2x more actual labour assembly 6 sheets compared to 2
  • Where 2 sheets compared to 4 are required the labour cost is halved
  • Where 6 sheets required, it goes to 70% and on major projects these are significant sums

Regular timber cutting and fixing tools are required to work with our fire-resistant building boards and do not require diamond tipped saws and drills. Less time is required and no pre-drilling is required.

Our technology helps prevents fire damage. Download our brochure containing all our essential services which showcases the quality of FireCrunch.

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