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Board nameSize (width/length)ThicknessEdgeWeightPattern
K-Floor600x270019mmTongue & Groove36kgFlat/Smooth
K-Deck600x270016mmTongue & Groove32kgGroove
K-Wall1000x270012mmShip lap36kgGroove
K-Clad (SE10) Exterior1200x240010mmSQ Square28kgFlat/Smooth
K-Clad (SE10) Exterior1200x270010mmSQ Square32kgFlat/Smooth
K-Clad (SE10) Exterior1200x300010mmSQ Square36kgFlat/Smooth
K-Clad (TE10) Interior1200x240010mmRecessed28kgFlat/Smooth
K-Clad (TE10) Interior1200x270010mmRecessed32kgFlat/Smooth
K-Clad (TE10) Interior1200x300010mmRecessed36kgFlat/Smooth
AquaCrunch primer sealer4L40 m2
AquaCrunch primer sealer10L100 m2
AquaCrunch primer sealer15L150 m2

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