Grooved Weatherboard • Interior-Exterior

FireCrunch K-Wall TS12 Finished NSW Blue Mountains

This remarkable K-Wall product using 22nd century technology can be set internally or externally.

Known as groove board or plank board it comes in size 2.7m x 1.0m x 12mm and can be set horizontally or in a vertical timber look-alike configuration using fast fix ship lap joints.

K-Wall cladding is thicker – 12mm – and stronger than conventional 7.5mm products on the Australian market.

Apart from being a non-combustible building board AS1530.1, it will hold back fire for 90 minutes with just one 10mm K-Wall fire resistant building board . AS1530.4 (C1..C19)-/ 2025  CFC will explode at 800 deg C.

K-Wall is a thicker, more secure 12mm, unlike CFC cement sheets Villa board and Blue board or CSR and James Hardy building board and James Hardy groove board at 7.5mm. K-Wall is less expensive overall when fire protection building is required with less material.


Board nameSize (width/length)ThicknessEdgeWeightPattern
K-Wall1000x270012mmShip lap36kgGroove


NATA/CSIRO North Ryde SYD  under ISO 17025 Infrastructure Technologies and Resolute Labs Queensland.

  • AS1530.1, AS1530.4 (C1..C19)-/ 2025  …AS1530.8.2  AS 3959 Bushfire Assessment BAL FZ, Roofing, Walls,  Eaves,  Floors etc. (NCC) National Construction Code.
  • AS/4964 and AS/717 non asbestos content and acoustics to Rw 62
  •  FRL to 120 minutes with steel framing (2 layers 10mm)


K-Wall is a non-combustible building board while enabling a timber appearance cladding or timber look weather board  particularly applicable in bushfire and similar BAL bushfire areas like BAL 19 BAL 29, BAL 40, and BAL FZ Flame zone building, where no exposed timber facings or timber cladding can be used. FireCrunch K-Wall is a bushfire proof building board that will survive your home in bushfires well over BAL FZ 1200 deg C.

FireCrunch Exterior K-Wall 12mm

This remarkable K-wall product using 22nd century technology can be set internally or externally.


Significant additional benefits are a very long life as K-Wall will not rot like timber, is unaffected by weather when sealed.


K-Wall is impervious to termites so protects all expensive timber framing. K-Wall unlike so called water proof plasterboard, will not degrade at all in water or flooding  so provides a unique flood proof building board.


Green environmental building or planet friendly building products are hard to find.

FireCrunch K-Wall environmental cladding is probably the best choice in green option, eco building materials. K-Wall uses kiln temperatures of some 650 deg c half that of cement plaster CFC products at 1300 deg c. On an index of 100 K-Wall FireCrunch is 50% less CO2 in manufacturing however, there is more.

FireCrunch K-Wall is a Magnesia carbonation product which is poured into moulds and during the carbonation period of 14 to 21 days at ambient temperatures draws back 90% of the CO2 produced, so 90% of 50% makes around 5% and an almost carbon neutral Production process.

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Refer NEW SCIENTIST magazine USA on magnesia products.


  • Fire resistant to extremely high temperatures (1200ºC).

  • Meets AS 3959 BAL FZ and more up to FRL 90/90/90.

  • Non-combustible (AS 1530.1) valid 2025 NATA CSIRO.

  • Smoke and heat release AS 3837. valid 2025 NATA CSIRO.

  • 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute fire resistance.

  • Fire tested (AS 1530.4) valid 2025 NATA CSIRO.

  • Non-asbestos, AS 4964 NATA Labs Australian certification.

  • Resistant to flooding and prolonged water emersion.

  • Resistant to bacteria moisture, humidity, mould and mildew.

  • Completely resistant to termites and insects.

  • Low thermal conductivity ~0.44 (W/mk).

  • Higher R-values than plasterboard.

  • Less expensive, eliminates multiple layers of plasterboard for high FRL.


See Certifications

FRL 90/90/90 1 x 10mm sheet STEEL FRAMES FRL 60/60/60 1 x 10mm sheet TIMBER FRAMES

10 times stronger than plasterboard.
LOAD BEARING 55kN (1.5 hrs) at 1000⁰C (see CSIRO fire test report).

Rw 62 AS 717.1 (see report certification)

Nil content test AS 4964 Nil Chloride
R and U value (see technical info charts).

Cuts, saws, drills, routs, with timber tools, power gun screwing, massive time saving on installation.

Labour Cost Benefits
FireCrunch requires 1 sheet each side for FRL up to FRL 90/90/90 (FyreChek needs 3 layers 13mm each side) or 2 layers 16mm.

10 x Stronger than plasterboard density 1.15g/cm3.

95% less CO2 emission than plasterboard