FireCrunch has a high acoustic rating in its natural format in 10 mm, and higher in greater thicknesses. It has an acoustic capability of up to Rw 62 + Ctr in double stud fire wall frames lined with magnesium sulphate boards.

The BCA requirement levels are met by the addition of high density acoustic insulation batts placed in the wall and ceiling cavities to the architects and or manufacturers specification. In some cases, these are fire and acoustic rated batts. These are available from several manufacturers in Australia and users should check first to verify the ability relevant to those specified Rw and other (FRL) fire resistance level requirements.

Sound proof building cladding materials is an essential requirement becoming increasingly important for many buildings such as homes, offices, hospitals, schools and apartments. FireCrunch is an Australian NATA/CSIRO tested product and has total sound and acoustic resistance as a sound proof building board up to Rw 62 PLUS ctr on 10 mm boards in double stud framing, for fire separation walls. FRL 120 minutes are available when 2 sheets of 10mm are used on a single stud frame (Ask us) 1300 933 102.

FireCrunch are tested to the BCA Acoustic standards AS717 by NATA accredited labs Kilargo QLD.

These tests rated the 10mm product to Rw62 plus ctr,net Rw52 certificates web site technical specs and certifications. These tests exceed the BCA base requirement for intertenancy walls and floors ceilings using a basic Glass wool Batt 25Kg for acoustics for fire FRL 90/90/90 use R2.5 Batt glass wool batt.

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