Environmental Building Board

Environmental Building Board


FireCrunch has established itself as not only a leader in quality but also a leader in sustainable environmental manufacturing processes. With high consideration and care towards the environment, we are committed and motivated to producing an excellent product which uses eco-friendly building materials benefitting both the environment and end consumer. FireCrunch minimises carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions to approximately 5% which allows for a highly environmentally friendly production process to be maintained producing durable products.

FireCrunch eliminates the destruction of millions of trees in the manufacture of paper lined plasterboard supplied by the 5 major material suppliers to the Australian building and construction industry.

We use the finest materials in the production process and do not use any harmful chemicals. An asbestos free product range with NATA certifications. See Certifications.

The magnesium oxide (MgO) content represents a % of recycled MgO waste oxide product providing maximum fire resistance and ensures that environmentally harming chemicals are not used. Looking at past environmental impacts of building materials, it is our main goal to develop and grow an ethical framework so that both the environment and our consumers are placed as a top priority.

Not only is FireCrunch versatile and has multi-purpose uses, it is cost-effective and most importantly extremely fire, water, impact, sound, termite, mould, and bacteria resistant. The environmentally conscious design and elements involved combined to position FireCrunch as an industry leader whilst pushing the market to higher standards and expectations of customers in the fireproof building board supply industry and considering fireproof plasterboard materials.

FireCrunch Fire Rated Building Board


Providing home fire protection to property in Australia is one of our prime business motives. This is the reason we have retained Australian NATA accredited testing authorities like the CSIRO to ensure FireCrunch products are “Real Fire Test” authenticated in meeting the BCA (Building Code of Australia) levels of public and personal safety.

The building boards provided by FireCrunch are not only technically superior to other fire tested options of lightweight manufacturing products in the market, but are also very cost-effective in high-rise residential and commercial building where multiple layers of heavy plasterboard are required compared to only one layer of 10mm FireCrunch needed for FRL 90/90/90.

Environmentally responsible manufacturing

Yes, we care about our planet and its environment. For this reason, we only manufacture environmentally friendly building materials. Do they cost more than normal cladding? What are the benefits? The cost of FireCrunch is higher standard plasterboard, but there are a lot of benefits which other plasterboards cannot offer.

FireCrunch Environmental Building Board

Since our company inception in the Australian market 2011, we have felt the need to bring in the benefits of a building board that is environmentally friendly.

The quality of our building boards does not deteriorate when they are manufactured in an eco-friendly way. So far, FireCrunch has been very successful in establishing a powerful and responsible image in the market of fire rated building materials.

FireCrunch Environmental Building Board

Low Co2

FireCrunch eliminates the destruction of millions of oxygen producing trees every year to line paper based plaster board . If this wasn’t enough the plaster board industry generates a further output of Co2 in manufacture at kiln temperatures of some 1300 deg c.2x that of MgSO4 FireCrunch.

On an index of 100 as base comparison plaster board is 100% when compared the FireCrunch C MgSO4 the kiln temperatures are around 600 deg c but as FCA is a carbonation product in the curing process it draws back 90% of the Co2 produced, so the pollution index of 100 is cut to a net approx 5% and is almost carbon neutral. So Gyprock and similar plasterboard actually creates around 195% pollution on the index of 100 when you include the loss of the Oxygen generation Co2 absorbing trees.

FireCrunch Fire Resistant Building Board

There are numerous other benefits that our environmentally friendly FireCrunch building boards offer. The boards are moisture resistant, which make them suitable for the regions that receive heavy rainfall. Bacteria, mould and mildew will not form on FireCrunch, unlike paper covered based plasterboard.

If fire tested plasterboard cannot resist water, then long term durability is affected and maintenance costs can be high. The installation of fire safe building boards offered by FireCrunch protects timber framing from termites which cannot consume it and can be easily installed with only wood working tools required. FireCrunch has the strength of cement sheeting in 19mm TG flooring substrate, but is 30% less in price and cuts, drill and routs with timber tools, therefore making it fast and less expensive to install.

The strength of FireCrunch building boards is exceptional, being eight to ten times stronger than BCA standards plasterboard and completely fire resistant with CSIRO certification to Australian standards to FRL 90/90/90 and beyond. Once installed they will last for the years to come. Meets BAL FZ Bushfires.

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CSIRO Logo FireCrunch has been fire tested by Australia’s
highest testing authority, the CSIRO.

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