Fire Resistant Material

BAL 40 Cladding
Fire Resistant Cladding

Are you looking for fire resistant material for your next residential or commercial construction project?

If so, your search ends here at FireCrunch. We supply premium fire-resistant material at competitive prices. With years of experience and expertise, we have specifically designed and manufactured our fire resistant material to withstand a number of elements all while being environmentally friendly.

Fire resistant material features

    • Lightweight
    • Long lifespan
    • Durable
    • Reliable
    • Innovative

Fire resistance

FireCrunch meets the maximum Flame Zone (FZ) and has been rigorously tested by the CSIRO in a full-scale bushfire simulation. With a fire-resistant Level (FRL) of 90 90 90, made from the finest materials, our fire-resistant material is highly durable with an extremely long lifespan that exceeds conventional building boards. Perfect for bushfire protection, FireCrunch is a universal multi-purpose building board with a design and composition suited to the Australian harsh climate.

Sustainable fire resistant material

FireCrunch is not a timber based product and is made from a 45% waste magnesium oxide composition which allows it to be fire resistant as well as water, impact, mould, sound and termite proof. During the manufacturing process, the kiln temperatures are 50% lower than cement based building boards, therefore carbon dioxide emissions are halved. FireCrunch is a virtually carbon neutral product.

Australian owned and operated

We strive for customer focused excellence, which is why we provide our products with the highest level of integrity. We make sure every batch is of the highest quality before it enters the market. By implementing revolutionary technology and innovative designs, our fire resistant building boards have become the leading choice.

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BAL 40 Cladding
Fire Resistant Cladding