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Counting the cost 2020

The entire country is counting the cost with many adversely affected in some way or another by these horrific bushfires that have decimated huge tracts of our land, caused many deaths and destroyed over 2000 homes and other commercial properties.

The 2020 Black Summer bushfires have killed a huge and unknown number of our amazing and diversified unique wild animal and bird life, Australia feels it…and the world knows.

Extra help for bushfire victims

FireCrunch Australia is providing direct assistance to bushfire victims those whose properties have been destroyed and are now counting the cost of re-building. Further discounts on our wholesale priced product range will assist these victims rebuild their homes.

FireCrunch warrants that with this NATA LABS CSIRO fire tested cladding, (a new form of MgO called FireCrunch (MgSO4) a composite fire protective material) that no home constructed with FireCrunch MgSO 4 K-Clad to our specifications, will ever burn down in a fire storm. All internal contents will stay protected, while the property stays unattended and the family leaves in good time.

FireCrunch is a sponsor of the Australian Volunteer Firefighters Association.  Support this amazing group of Australians.

Call us on 1300 933 102 to enquire for special assistance, refer enquiry to Bushfire support FCA

Fight Flood with FireCrunch

At FireCrunch, we are devastated seeing and hearing about the floods currently affecting homes and communities in Queensland and Northern NSW.

Prevent the heartache and expensive flood damage in future, replace NOW with Xclad ( from FireCrunch) Flood resistant cladding,10m times stronger than Plasterboard, protects expensive timber framing from termite attack and is 100% CSIRO fire tested to Bushfire BAL FZ and well over. Meets the AUST BCA standard. Your insurer may assist in future premiums ask them!
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BAL 40 Cladding

BAL 40 Cladding

Here at FireCrunch, we are an industry leading supplier of second to none BAL 40 cladding at cost-effective prices for both residential and commercial properties. Our K-CLAD range provides highly durable and reliable cladding to ensure safety. With a strong commitment to protecting homes and buildings from fire, we have quickly become the smart and dependable choice for BAL 40 cladding that can withstand a number of conditions.

FireCrunch BAL 40 and BAL FZ cladding is resistant to:

    • Fire
    • Water
    • Impact
    • Mould
    • Sound
    • Termite

Not only can our BAL 40 and BAL FZ cladding resist a number of elements, it is also environmentally friendly. FireCrunch is non-toxic and manufactured from a unique Magnesium Oxide (MgO) composite that allows its resistance to fire and the other elements. With an innovative design and produced to sustain the environment made from the finest materials, FireCrunch is a multi-beneficial and multi-purpose cladding board.

Fire resistance

At FireCrunch, we exclusively focus on CSIRO fire rated and NATA tested BAL 40 cladding that meets and exceed the certifications with the aim to protect buildings to our full potential. Our cladding boards have been rigorously tested and tried to ensure the highest level of quality. With FRL 90 90 90, FireCrunch is ideal for bushfire prone areas well over the required AS 3959 standard FRL 30 30 30.

Customer service

As a proudly Australian owned and operated company, FireCrunch acknowledges the absolute need for premium BAL 40 cladding. When making a direct comparison against plasterboards and conventional building boards, nothing can compare to FireCrunch. As a team, we strive only to provide the best and our representatives are more than happy to help you out with your purchase depending on your project.

Suitable for modern construction, FireCrunch has got your building solution needs covered.

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email sales@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au for updated information and pricing checks.


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BAL 40 Cladding

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BAL FZ Cladding

BAL FZ cladding

Our all in one FireCrunch BAL FZ cladding is perfect for both interior and exterior protection allows for a highly durable and cost-effective solution for residential and commercial properties in need of protection from fires. Your search ends here for second to none bushfire building BAL FZ cladding materials that are fire resistant and fire proof under the bushfire code AS 1530.8.2 and AS 3959. With years of experience within the building and construction industry with a focus on protecting lives and homes, we have uniquely designed an environmentally friendly product range for bushfire prone areas. FireCrunch is the solution to your Bushfire construction needs.

Compared to plasterboard and other standard building materials, FireCrunch BAL FZ cladding is virtually a carbon neutral product, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 95%. It is through the development and testing stages with the CSIRO that has allowed us to produce highly reliable BAL FZ cladding through an eco-friendly production process. Our BAL FZ cladding has a Fire Resistance Level of 90 90 90 three times the requirements of bushfires and can withstand temperatures of up to 1200⁰C. FireCrunch is made from Magnesium Oxide (MgO) and non-metal corrosive mag sulphate (MgSO4) which cuts and fixes easily with timber tools, speeding the installation process with no pre-drilling required.

CSIRO tested and approved, our BAL FZ cladding is completely asbestos free and safe for health concern areas. Our building boards are also water resistant, sound, mould, bacteria and termite proof. A multipurpose solution for all types of construction needs and highly recommended for bushfire and flooding prone areas. For the multinational corporation to the small home builder, our BAL FZ cladding has been custom engineered as a product designed to meet all Australia’s unique climatic conditions. Stop wasting your time on second rate cladding when FireCrunch has got you covered. Choose FireCrunch today.

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email sales@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au for updated information and pricing checks.

External Wall Cladding

FireCrunch, is your number one choice, when it comes to external wall cladding building materials that are highly fire resistant AS1530.4 (C1..C19)-/ 2025 FRL 90/90/90. We have years of experience and expertise in producing a reliable and durable building board that is not only fire resistant, but also water, sound, impact, bacteria, and termite proof. With multipurpose applications, FireCrunch external wall cladding has become the leader in Australian certified building solutions. As a modern, ultra-lightweight building board, our internal and external wall cladding can be used for residential and commercial properties and is eight to ten times stronger than plasterboard.

Our external wall cladding has been rigorously CSIRO tested to 1200⁰C and approved FRL 90/90/90. FireCrunch K-Clad external wall cladding is extremely strong and will last longer than standard building boards, therefore replacement and maintenance does not become an issue. Due to its material properties, FireCrunch does not deteriorate or warp in water, all you have to do it clean, sand, and repaint it. Our external wall cladding is almost carbon neutral and composed of magnesium oxide, non-organic bonders and fibre mesh composites. Produced with the finest materials and is 100% recyclable, FireCrunch has the qualities of timber with no combustibility or flame out.

As a proudly owned and operated company, we are committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. We produce 95% less carbon dioxide pollutants compared to fire rated plaster board or cement based products and can be recut and used again if the board has been damaged, unlike plasterboard. With a diverse range of applications and can withstand a number of weather conditions, our external wall cladding is second to none. Choose FireCrunch today for all your fast fix building material needs and protect your project from unforeseen events such as fires and floods.

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email sales@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au for updated information and pricing checks.

Internal Wall Cladding

Are you looking for second to none internal wall cladding to use for your next project?


Your search ends here at FireCrunch. We are Australia’s leading producer of internal wall cladding extensively CSIRO tested used for modern construction. FireCrunch is certificated free of illegal asbestos and harmful chemicals by Australian NATA accredited labs testing. We acknowledge the absolute importance of internal wall cladding that is reliable, hard wearing fire and water resistant and termite proof and able to cuts costs, material and labour installation costs up to 70% with a higher ROI to the developer and more rental or sales/ living space with thinner walls while meeting all fire and acoustic standards.

FireCrunch requires only one sheet of 10mm board on each side of frame to achieve an FRL 90/90/90 versus UP TO three layers of 13mm Fyrchek plasterboard, or 2 layers of expensive 16mm. The cost savings are in both material, transport to site (weight) and mainly in labour and material cost reduction up to at least 50%.

Project managers can improve margins dramatically by dumping 3 x the amount of plasterboard and win tenders every time, plus get more floor rental space increasing the ROI to the developer.

Additionally, FireCrunch is also approved for bushfire prone areas, wet areas, health safe, termite protection and noisy areas. Our internal wall cladding does not degrade in moist areas, helps protect from mould and bacteria and has a high acoustic decibel rating with Rw 62 sound insulation. Plaster setters love our internal wall cladding which can be cut and snapped in 10mm and plaster set, just like regular plasterboard using any commercially available base coat and toppings and usual plaster set procedures.

An ultra-lightweight building board that does not require any special tools during installation. It can be sawn, drilled, and screwed, just like timber. Made from specially formulated IP in a mixture of Magnesium Oxide, non-organic minerals, Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4) bonders and fibre mesh composites, FireCrunch internal wall cladding is made to last. Our internal wall cladding has extensive applications in construction for both residential and commercial properties. FireCrunch is very conscious of the environment and all our products contribute 95% less in Co2 pollution while being 100% recyclable (AS 1530.4-2014 NATA CSIRO TESTED). Its fire insulation properties help protect internal furnishing from internal combustion and flash burning. Contact FireCrunch today for more information about our exceptional internal wall cladding and discover the difference!

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email sales@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au for updated information and pricing checks.

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