Substantial extra benefits in MgSO4 products apart from lower prices

Hi Impact stronger 1.15g/cm3 These very strong hi impact Magnesia (MgSO4) products are up to 8-10 times stronger than plasterboard and enable a single 10mm sheet (CSIRO) to cover fire for FRL 90/90/90 (90 minutes), otherwise requiring 2 layers of 16mm Fyrchek and similar plasterboard, 50% less in materials, install costs and freight This halves the material cost, site handling, installation, freight weight transport cost, crane up time, and halves the screw fixings materials cost. This all increases a project's ROI. MgSO4 cladding composites have no paper linings These MgSO4 composites have no paper linings, so are better suited to [...]

April 26, 2023|Categories: Cladding, CO2, Environmentally Friendly|

Looming Discriminatory Tender Issues In CO2 And Construction

New discriminatory tenders prices for high CO2 emitters have already started in Europe Some countries like Norway recently began applying an additional default add-on pricing % for Government tenders, relative to the level of CO2, turning a lowest tender, high CO2 emission product price, into the highest! They use an assessment scale of CO2 pollutive values, seriously affecting products like plasterboard which have little, OR NO CARBON CAPTURE STORAGE (CCS) VALUE. Who has been using MgSO4 Products in Australia? See More in Gallery Change may eventually be forced These CO2 pollutive assessments may well be expected to be expanded through [...]

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Revolutionary Interior/Exterior Cladding Product

POWERFUL PROTECTION DURING FLOODS/FIRES While Governments strive to meet the issues of climate change on a number of fronts - one very innovative Australian company has been hard at work, progressively developing specialised Composite Building & Cladding products. FloodClad offers a range of composite cladding products which are strong, durable and extremely resilient when it comes to the diverse challenges of the Australian climate. The multi-faceted levels of protection these products offer is genuinely impressive, as is their commitment to honouring the ecosystem. Refreshingly - unlike many other products on the market - the entire product line is planet-friendly, and [...]

About FireCrunch – The Real Value of Magnesium Oxide Construction

As governments struggle with climate change policies and the use of building materials suited for the diverse Australian climate, one manufacturer in the Australian construction industry has already made the move to planet-friendly building materials. Developing stronger and more durable 21st century techniques, the FireCrunch composite (Green Now) structural building material eliminates some 95% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in production. It also eradicates the need for mass destruction of oxygen-generating CO2 absorbing trees just to make weak, ineffective, paper-lined plasterboard. New Generation Product with Multiple Benefits Magnesium Oxy-sulphate (MgSO4) is a recent development in a new generation of MgO [...]

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The Bushfire Season got off to an early Start

Protect Your Property & New Builds Concerns are mounting about the upcoming bushfire season after the ACT experienced its driest June on record and sixth driest July since 1982. The new head of the ACT Bushfire Council, Sarah Ryan, said recent weather conditions had prompted concerns about the bushfire threat in the capital. "We are more concerned about the upcoming season than we were last year," Dr Ryan said. "There's been very little winter rain throughout south-east Australia and it's been quite warm, so it's expected that the fire season this year will be more hazardous." This alarming concern [...]

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Fight Flood with FireCrunch

At FireCrunch, we are devastated seeing and hearing about the floods currently affecting homes and communities in Queensland and Northern NSW. Prevent the heartache and expensive flood damage in future, replace NOW with Xclad ( from FireCrunch) Flood resistant cladding,10m times stronger than Plasterboard, protects expensive timber framing from termite attack and is 100% CSIRO fire tested to Bushfire BAL FZ and well over. Meets the AUST BCA standard. Your insurer may assist in future premiums ask them! […]

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BAL 40 Cladding

Here at FireCrunch, we are an industry leading supplier of second to none BAL 40 cladding at cost-effective prices for both residential and commercial properties. Our K-Clad range provides highly durable and reliable cladding to ensure safety. With a strong commitment to protecting homes and buildings from fire, we have quickly become the smart and dependable choice for BAL 40 cladding that can withstand a number of conditions. FireCrunch BAL 40 and BAL FZ cladding is resistant to: Fire Water Impact Mould Sound Termite Not only can our BAL 40 and BAL FZ cladding resist a number of elements, [...]

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BAL FZ Cladding

Our all in one FireCrunch BAL FZ cladding is perfect for both interior and exterior protection allows for a highly durable and cost-effective solution for residential and commercial properties in need of protection from fires. Your search ends here for second to none bushfire building BAL FZ cladding materials that are fire resistant and fireproof under the bushfire code AS 1530.8.2 and AS 3959. With years of experience within the building and construction industry with a focus on protecting lives and homes, we have uniquely designed an environmentally friendly product range for bushfire prone areas. FireCrunch is the solution to [...]

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External Wall Cladding

FireCrunch, is your number one choice, when it comes to external wall cladding building materials that are highly fire resistant AS1530.4 (C1..C19)-/ 2025 FRL 90/90/90. We have years of experience and expertise in producing a reliable and durable building board that is not only fire resistant, but also water, sound, impact, bacteria, and termite proof. With multipurpose applications, FireCrunch external wall cladding has become the leader in Australian certified building solutions. As a modern, ultra-lightweight building board, our internal and external wall cladding can be used for residential and commercial properties and is eight to ten times stronger than plasterboard. [...]

November 11, 2016|Categories: Cladding, Fire Resistance|

Internal Wall Cladding

Are you looking for second to none internal wall cladding to use for your next project? FIRE, FLOODS, TERMITES, ACOUSTICS, BACTERIA FORMATION Your search ends here at FireCrunch. We are Australia’s leading producer of internal wall cladding extensively CSIRO tested used for modern construction. FireCrunch is certificated free of illegal asbestos and harmful chemicals by Australian NATA accredited labs testing. We acknowledge the absolute importance of internal wall cladding that is reliable, hard wearing fire and water resistant and termite proof and able to cuts costs, material and labour installation costs up to 70% with a higher ROI to the [...]

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