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Fire Rated External Wall CladdingExternal Wall Cladding

Are you looking for second to none internal wall cladding to use for your next project?


Your search ends here at FireCrunch. We are Australia’s leading producer of internal wall cladding extensively CSIRO tested used for modern construction. FireCrunch is certificated free of illegal asbestos and harmful chemicals by Australian NATA accredited labs testing. We acknowledge the absolute importance of internal wall cladding that is reliable, hard wearing fire and water resistant and termite proof and able to cuts costs, material and labour installation costs up to 70% with a higher ROI to the developer and more rental or sales/ living space with thinner walls while meeting all fire and acoustic standards.

FireCrunch requires only one sheet of 10mm board on each side of frame to achieve an FRL 90/90/90 versus UP TO three layers of 13mm Fyrchek plasterboard, or 2 layers of expensive 16mm. The cost savings are in both material, transport to site (weight) and mainly in labour and material cost reduction up to at least 50%.

Project managers can improve margins dramatically by dumping 3 x the amount of plasterboard and win tenders every time, plus get more floor rental space increasing the ROI to the developer.

Additionally, FireCrunch is also approved for bushfire prone areas, wet areas, health safe, termite protection and noisy areas. Our internal wall cladding does not degrade in moist areas, helps protect from mould and bacteria and has a high acoustic decibel rating with Rw 62 sound insulation. Plaster setters love our internal wall cladding which can be cut and snapped in 10mm and plaster set, just like regular plasterboard using any commercially available base coat and toppings and usual plaster set procedures.

An ultra-lightweight building board that does not require any special tools during installation. It can be sawn, drilled, and screwed, just like timber. Made from specially formulated IP in a mixture of Magnesium Oxide, non-organic minerals, Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4) bonders and fibre mesh composites, FireCrunch internal wall cladding is made to last. Our internal wall cladding has extensive applications in construction for both residential and commercial properties. FireCrunch is very conscious of the environment and all our products contribute 95% less in CO2 pollution while being 100% recyclable (AS 1530.4-2014 NATA CSIRO TESTED). Its fire insulation properties help protect internal furnishing from internal combustion and flash burning. Contact FireCrunch today for more information about our exceptional internal wall cladding and discover the difference!

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Fire Resistant Building BoardsFire Resistant Building Boards
Fire Rated External Wall CladdingExternal Wall Cladding