Substantial extra benefits in MgSO4 products apart from lower prices

Hi Impact stronger 1.15g/cm3 These very strong hi impact Magnesia (MgSO4) products are up to 8-10 times stronger than plasterboard and enable a single 10mm sheet (CSIRO) to cover fire for FRL 90/90/90 (90 minutes), otherwise requiring 2 layers of 16mm Fyrchek and similar plasterboard, 50% less in materials, install costs and freight This halves the material cost, site handling, installation, freight weight transport cost, crane up time, and halves the screw fixings materials cost. This all increases a project's ROI. MgSO4 cladding composites have no paper linings These MgSO4 composites have no paper linings, so are better suited to [...]

April 26, 2023|Categories: Cladding, CO2, Environmentally Friendly|

Looming Discriminatory Tender Issues In CO2 And Construction

New discriminatory tenders prices for high CO2 emitters have already started in Europe Some countries like Norway recently began applying an additional default add-on pricing % for Government tenders, relative to the level of CO2, turning a lowest tender, high CO2 emission product price, into the highest! They use an assessment scale of CO2 pollutive values, seriously affecting products like plasterboard which have little, OR NO CARBON CAPTURE STORAGE (CCS) VALUE. Who has been using MgSO4 Products in Australia? See More in Gallery Change may eventually be forced These CO2 pollutive assessments may well be expected to be expanded through [...]

April 26, 2023|Categories: Cladding, CO2, Environmentally Friendly|
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