FireCrunch Helps Eliminate Tree Destruction

Substantial extra benefits in MgSO4 products apart from lower prices

These NEW composite MgSO4 K-Clad products save millions of oxygen-generating CO2 absorbing trees to make paperlined plasterboard.

Plasterboard and lining paper production contribute significant levels of toxicity and eutrophication to water, as well as toxicity to land.

Eutrophication occurs when a body of water receives an excessive nutrient load, particularly phosphorus and nitrogen as from wood pulping. This often results in an overgrowth of algae. As the algae die and decompose, oxygen is depleted from the water, and this lack of oxygen in the water causes the death of aquatic animals, like fish.

Chemical wood pulping involves the extraction of cellulose from wood by dissolving the lignin that binds the cellulose fibers together. The four processes principally used in chemical pulping are kraft, sulfite, neutral sulfite semichemical (NSSC), and soda.


NOW, the costs of these new products in some firewalls are up to 50% less per m2 compared to 13mm and 16mm Fyrchek, plus 50% less in freight weight, handling, installs and crane-up, mainly due to less material required per one 10mm sheet for Fire and Class 4 top finish surface = FRL 90/90/90, plus stays inert in water and flooding.

Please consider nominating low net CO2 emission FireCrunch and K-Clad MgSO4 products when designing, specifying, costing and tendering for your projects.

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Substantial extra benefits in MgSO4 products apart from lower prices