Fight Flood with FireCrunch

Non-Combustible Cladding
Are you Prepared for This Bushfire Season

At FireCrunch, we are devastated seeing and hearing about the floods currently affecting homes and communities in Queensland and Northern NSW.

Prevent the heartache and expensive flood damage in future, replace NOW with Xclad ( from FireCrunch) Flood resistant cladding,10m times stronger than Plasterboard, protects expensive timber framing from termite attack and is 100% CSIRO fire tested to Bushfire BAL FZ and well over. Meets the AUST BCA standard. Your insurer may assist in future premiums ask them!

If you have experienced flood or fire damage FCA will assist you with special discounts and time payments to get you back on your feet… Ask us

Xclad by FireCrunch provides materials that will help in rebuilding flood ravaged homes and country communities in a safe, sustainable way with our flood resistant materials preventing repeats.

FireCrunch building materials are Australian supplied, tried and tested and can withstand the harshest of Australian climatic conditions. So, act now in building a better future for your homes and community.

Firecrunch Australasia Pty Ltd ABN 37 620 875 041

How can we help fight floods?

  • Our flood proof building materials will keep you safe in any conditions.
  • Discounts for people and communities affected by flooding. ASK US… 1300 933 102
  • Cost effective Reliable Products and service.
Non-Combustible Cladding
Are you Prepared for This Bushfire Season