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AS 3959 Building Boards

AS 3959 Building Boards

Are you looking for a fire rated building board that meets AS 3959 and is cost-effective?

Your search ends here at FireCrunch. We are an industry leading supplier of fire resistant building boards with second to none CSIRO fire certifications. Providing BUSH FIRE BUILDING home fire protection to properties in Australia is our top priority and our 21st century building board is non-comparable to plasterboard and standard building materials. With years of experience within the building and construction industry, we acknowledge the need for AS 3959 building boards that can give you the peace of mind you deserve knowing that you and your family are protected from fire when building in bushfire zone areas to max BAL FZ.

We strongly recommend the use of our AS 3959 qualified, non-combustible material building boards as they have been extensively tested and approved by the CSIRO to ensure all requirements have been met and are therefore compliant with Australian building standards.

With a Fire Resistance Level of 90 90 90, our range of AS 3959 building boards are ideal for bushfire building areas. With the added benefit of water, impact, sound, termite, and mould resistant, FireCrunch’ s AS 3959 compliant building boards are the all in one solution for your construction needs, whether it is for interior or exterior or residential or commercial.

Not only does FireCrunch meet AS 3959, but we are committed to an environmentally responsible manufacturing process and have significantly reduced our carbon footprint by 95% compared to fire proof plasterboard and cement based products. We only use 3% wood chip our production process and since our building boards are long lasting, maintenance and replacement is not an issue. Choosing FireCrunch will not only save you time but more so money, so stop compromising your budget on second rate building boards. FireCrunch, will protect your home, one AS 3959 building board, multiple applications.

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highest testing authority, the CSIRO.

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