Fire Rated External Cladding

Fire Rated Decking
Fire Rated External Wall CladdingFire Rated External Wall Cladding

Here at FireCrunch, we provide our Australia wide customers with second to none fire rated external cladding. Durable and ultra-lightweight, FireCrunch K-CLAD is an innovative fire rated external cladding used for modern construction for both residential and commercial properties. FireCrunch has quickly become the smart and dependable choice.

FireCrunch K-CLAD

Uniquely designed to resist not only fire but water, sound, termites, impact and mould, FireCrunch K-CLAD reinforces a high concern for safety and protection. Our products are also environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Our fire rated external cladding:

    • Is easy to use and install
    • Reduces labour costs up to 70%
    • Is cost-efficient
    • Has a long lifespan
    • Can be reused
    • Is completely free of harmful chemicals
    • Is manufactured from magnesium oxide composition

Fire resistance

Our K-CLAD fire resistant external cladding has been rigorously CSIRO tested and approved, withstanding temperatures up to 1200⁰C. Adhering to the highest Australian (BCA) standards, our fire rated external cladding is ideal for bushfire prone areas, meeting the maximum Flame Zone (FZ). With FRL 90 90 90, FireCrunch is well above the standard FRL 30 30 30. We go above and beyond the certifications to ensure the safety of our customers.

Customer service

Our team at FireCrunch strive for customer focused excellence prioritising your needs and requirements. As a proudly Australian owned and operated company, we understand the need for quality fire rated external cladding. Whatever your questions are, we can help you. We offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

Get in touch with us at FireCrunch for additional information about our premium fire rated external cladding products or shop our range today! Stop compromising your budget and safety when you discover the difference of our excellent quality cladding.

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email for updated information and pricing checks.

Fire Rated Decking
Fire Rated External Wall CladdingFire Rated External Wall Cladding