Fire Rated Wall Cladding

Fire Rated External Wall CladdingFire Rated External Wall Cladding
Fireproof DeckingNon-Combustible Decking

FireCrunch is a proudly Australian owned and operated company which solely focuses on providing the highest quality and environmentally friendly, fire resistant building boards, including our range of fire rated wall cladding. FireCrunch is perfect for modern construction for both residential and commercial properties.

Fire resistance

Our main priority is to provide homes and buildings across Australia maximum fire protection. We acknowledge the threat of all fires and the need for bushfire resistant fire rated wall cladding that has been tested in real life conditions. FireCrunch has been rigorously tested and approved by the CSIRO and has also meets the maximum Flame Zone (FZ) with a Fire Resistance Level of (FRL) of 90/90/90. Our fire resistant wall cladding go above and beyond certifications in a progression to future-proof building today.

Fire rated wall cladding features

We are committed to an environmentally friendly manufacturing process producing virtually a carbon neutral product. With FireCrunch’s unique composition of magnesium oxide and mesh fibre composites, our range of fire rated wall cladding can also resist:

    • Water
    • Sound
    • Mould
    • Termites
    • Impact
    • Bacteria

As an all in one, multi-beneficial product, FireCrunch surpasses that of conventional building boards. As a non-timber based product, our fire rated wall cladding is impervious to termites and with the absence of harmful chemicals or toxins, FireCrunch is a 100% safe product. Strong and durable, our cladding boards have a long lifespan and can be reused where replacement and maintenance are never an issue.

We distribute our fire rated wall cladding Australia wide and our expert representatives will be more than happy to help you out with your construction and building needs. Choose FireCrunch today and stop burdening your wallet or compromising your safety. Whether you are constructing for interior or exterior applications, our range of fire resistant cladding can be used for both settings. Not only are our products fireproof, but they are sustainable with its resistance to deterioration. As a very environmentally conscious company, we are dedicated to responsibly manufacturing our fire rated FireCrunch products.

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email for updated information and pricing checks.

Fire Rated External Wall CladdingFire Rated External Wall Cladding
Fireproof DeckingNon-Combustible Decking