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FireCrunch for Bushfire Building BAL FZ

FireCrunch is  the leading provider of high performance CSIRO  FIRE TESTED and FIRE CERTIFIED BUILDING BOARDS which are fire, water, impact, and TERMITE PROOF and fire resistant building boards. You can make use of our fire safety and environmental friendly boards in your construction activities. Our FireCrunch boards  are Fire tested and Fire certified building boards suitable for both commercial and residential buildings as they are safe and durable. We stock an variety of CSIRO tested sizes in hi FRL 90/90/90  non-combustible fire safe building boards.

We have specially designed these boards for hi insulation R and U values where you require a high class fire tested rating on floors, walls and other ceiling applications. Our building boards are strong, lightweight boards which are certified for construction providing a top level of fire protection. You can make use of our fire tested building board products in various Fire resistant building board  forms and also general purpose cladding interior and exterior building applications.

Green product

Our FireCrunch products are suitable for light weight building construction and fire separation walls and lightweight, so you can handle them easily during your construction. FireCrunch is very suitable for hospitals, medical centres and school construction projects. A Specialty of our fire tested building board Gold Coast is they are simple to fix and work, resistant to the effects of moisture, easy to decorate and will not decay or rot. We provide world class Fire tested building board  products that are reinforced with selected fillers and fibres.

It is designed as CO2 neutral and does not contain formaldehyde. FireCrunch green product is an environmental friendly building board is sustainable and also allows you to cut, nail, drill, plane like timber. When it is compared to other cement based products our Eco friendly product has only a 5% pollutive value compared to 90% in plasterboard and CFC cement based products

Bushfire Safe Building,  BAL FZ

Bushfire building and bushfire safe building  are one of the major challenges for the community. The FireCrunch Fire resistant building boards are beneficial in bush fire attack BAL FZ Bushfire prone areas. It will minimize risk to property as FireCrunch is a fire tested and fire resistant building board meeting all bush fire maximum BAL FZ

FireCrunch is a totally Fire Resistant and Bushfire building certified cladding for interior and exterior use Fire tested magnesium oxide board and fire tested building board and certified building board. The FireCrunch fire safe building board is Fire tested and certified for building in Bushfire building zones. Our range of long lasting Bushfire Safe and fire safe Plasterboard Gold Coast for the buildings in Bushfire Building prone areas offers flexible construction and designs and they are cost very effective in hi rise building construction where multiple layers of plasterboard of 13mm and 16mm are required to achieve what 1 x 10mm sheet of FireCrunch will fix to FRL 90/90/90 If you are a home owner in medium to high Bushfire building fire risk areas such as bushfire BAL FZ zone, then you can protect your home by using our fire resistant FireCrunch

Our board has a smooth high quality class 5 finish ( top commercial) surface on outer face an sanded inside face  Our products offer the proven and tested performance and installation manuals can be uploaded to I phones and  other mobile telephones for on site references

The FireCrunch Fire tested building board has high impact and insulation values when installed as per the manuals making it fit for all commercial, residential and  industrial applications. Our Gyprock Alternative Gold Coast, fire tested plasterboard and fire tested building Board  help you to develop a moisture resistant wall lining and ceiling system for high humidity atmospheres.

Our customer support team helps you get info regarding our Environmental Plasterboard Gold Coast and all other technical enquiries. or 1300 933 102 (24/7) call centre

Ballarat, Victoria Fire Tested Building Board
Building Boards Blue Mountains