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FireCrunch fire tested Building boards for your construction project

We specialize in supplying high FRL specification, fire tested and fireproof building board and home fire protection building  boards, also for bushfire safe building, home fire protection and where BAL regulation and BAL FZ flame zones must be met.

FireCrunch Fire tested building board has no competitive value from Fire tested or fireproof plasterboard.

FireCrunch Fireproof building board does in one type of material what requires.

Aqua board Sono board and Fyrchek Gyprock alternative building board board.

FireCrunch Fire to FRL 90/90/90 ( and beyond) = Fyrchek.

FireCrunch to Rw 62 Acoustics = Sonoboard.

FireCrunch flood proof will not degrade = Aquabord.

3 in one FireCrunch systems certified, fire poof fire separation walls, fire tested building board,

Boundary firewalls, using Fire resistant building board

Gyprock alternative plasterboards are available throughout the Ballarat in the form of FireCrunch a certified building board . Building your home or office in a bushfire Building  prone area like Ballarat Victoria requiring Bushfire safe building and fire tested building board products, check FireCrunch CSIRO certified BAL FZ and well over, fireproof building board products

FireCrunch Fire safe building board in turn introduces a great number of additional construction parameters, specification and design which cannot be overlooked. In this regard, our bushfire safe alternative plasterboard Ballarat can come in handy.

FireCrunch has been rigorously tested by the CSIRO and proven to withstand 1200°C with no any flame out or combustion. It is a totally fire resistant building board  and so homes will not easily be destroyed in a fire storm with FireCrunch home fire protection building board, used in Bushfire safe building parameters.

FireCrunch Fire  safe building boards  and materials will not be destroyed by a fire storm pass over . The insulation properties of this Unique environmental building board aid and protect in home fire protection internal furnishing from bushfire or flash over burning from extreme external temperatures.

FireCrunch CSIRO fire tested building board will not ignite from any ember attacks. It is 10 times stronger in comparison to that of normal Fire tested plasterboard,  it increases insulation and protects from the intense heat and extreme cold temperature as well. This Gyprock alternative, Ballarat is worth investing in and is the most suitable cladding for your Fireproof building board project. We have a range of Mgo building board building boards in stock, contact us to order the required type of FireCrunch magnesium oxide board

High quality building boards

We supply a range of Gyprock Alternative Building Board, Ballarat for external and internal use. Our building board product is available in standard board thickness and sizes. The building offered by us can provide outstanding performance and is moisture resistant with ease of installation. Our range of fire tested building board  products will meet your Home fire protection  and improvement needs or construction projects. We are aware of the fact that service come first, and so we strive to preserve the core values of this company FireCrunch Australasia – product performance dedication, competency and reliability. Our products are affordable and provide flexibility of construction and design. more at …

Here are the special features of FireCrunch;

  • Flood resistant
  • Impact resistant (10 times stronger than plasterboard)
  • Sound resistant Rw 62
  • Fire resistant FRL 90/90/90
  • Termite resistant
  • Moisture, Mould, & Bacteria resistant

Our products are tested and certified by the CSIRO and other accredited NATA authorities, they are the best choice available for purchase at budget friendly prices. Environmental Plasterboard Ballarat is not a majority based timber product ( less than 3%). It is in fact produced from 45% waste, i.e.magnesium oxide board often referred to as MgO building board which is in turn a 100% recyclable product. This Fire resistant building board lining product is stronger than typical Quality plasterboard or Fire safe plasterboard, and in fact is almost Enviro carbon neutral, whilst being flood proof, termite proof, and fireproof. It is certainly a universal multipurpose constructional and building product with an amazing design format extremely suited to Ballarat and all Australian climatic conditions. FireCrunch magnesium oxide building board

We are your one stop solution if you are looking to procure fire protection, termite resistant, moisture resistant or multipurpose boards.

If you have any queries and or wish know more about our products then feel free to contact us via email or phone at 1300 933 102. We will be pleased to help you out! We assure you we  deliver the best quality building board Australian fire tested building board in fire, acoustics Rw 62 and non asbestos content Australian certified builing products in Australia.

Bushfire protectionBallarat Victoria
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