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In the construction business of Australia, the magnesium oxide board has begun playing a very crucial role. Magnesia or Magnesium Oxide is a 45% waste derivative product used to manufacture magnesium oxide builing board or MgO  FireCrunch is an MgO product designed specifically to meet the exacting Fire resistant Builing requirements of the Australian Building Code  BCA

Whilst magnesium oxide, fire resistant building board or Mgo board is still quite new to Australia it has been used for decades in the overeas Asian Chinese markets where the raw lmateris are readily available

Since Australia closed most of of its steel operations over the past 15 years the basic raw material MgO which burns off in the hot steel mill rolling process, is not now of sufficient size to support manufacturing of Mgo products in Australia

China prohibits the export of the RAW material MgO and only allows the end manufactured product to be exported

FireCrunch is such an MgO Board product manufactured to Australian Fire Tested standards and fire tested in Australia by the CSIRO


Australian Fire testing regulations are some the the worlds highest

Fire safe building is strictly regulated in Australia and fireproof building board and fire resistant building board and non combustible building board are all set by BCA requirements of testing by such authorities as the CSIRO


Environmental building board is another great benefit with FireCrunch MgO magnesium oxide board  FireCrunch fire safe building board and Bushfire safe building board


The fire resistant building board capability of the FireCrunch MgO board is pretty impressive, and at our website you can see the actual CSIRO Fire test centre and an explanation of how these materials are Fire tested


Full reports and fire certification is on the web site


At FireCrunch, we provide the very best in BCA fire safe Australian fire tested and proven high  FRL 90/90/90  Fire resistant building board The testing by the CSIRO is your passport to Fireproof building board  so that you can feel absolutely safe and satisfied when selecting FireCrunch MGO board  either for a free standing home in a bushfire building area of if you are a project manager on a major building project determining a more cost effective fire safe building product tested to Australian standards that will eliminate multiple layers of Gyprock plasterboard where the FireCrunch Gyprock alternative will reach FRL 90/90/90  ( Load bering 55kN) with just 1 layer of 10mm FireCrunch fire resistant building board each side of the fire separation wall and provide an acoustic value of Rw 62


The FireCrunch MGO boards available on our website can be used for a wide range of building construction purposes.

In addition, FireCrunch Fire resistant and fireproof Mgo building boards  are totally effective in eliminating bacteria growth and potential infection and eliminating growth of mold and mildew.

Made from absolutely environment friendly material, the MGO boards are an Environmental building and is completely recyclable.


Why choose MGO board from FireCrunch?

It is very true that not all MGO boards are of the same quality. For this reason, our experts and professionals have taken very special care when determing the manufacturing process

FireCrunch has been tested in the NSW NATA accredited  testing laboratory of  CLEARSAFE for Asbestos, the Australian certificate of NON asbestos content is onthe web site under Certification


FireCrunch is your passport to Fire Safe excellence

FireCrunch  where the fire is stopped and lives are saved

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Magnesium Oxide Building Board