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Heavy Duty Wall Board

Heavy Duty Wall Board

Ideal for heavy duty public buildings, schools, hospitals, medical centres and wherever high traffic damage can occur using alternative weak ineffective bacteria laden plaster board. If you are looking for a heavy-duty wall board that will not require you to compromise your budget and is environmentally friendly, then FireCrunch has the most reliable solution for you. Made using only the finest and most effective materials that strengthen the boards and make them 100% fire safe, our heavy-duty wall board and fire rated building board will be sure to meet and exceed your unique needs and requirements effortlessly. Today, the market is flooded with second rate wall board options that simply do not stand the test of time and result in the constant maintenance and replacement of materials.

We recognise the importance of supplying high quality heavy duty wall board options that are industry leading, which is why FireCrunch has become the trusted and dependable choice amongst countless competitors. Discover the difference of our heavy-duty fire wall board range that have all been manufactured in an environmentally low Co2 responsible manner to ensure we look after our planet and environment the best way possible. Stop compromising safety select FireCrunch heavy-duty wall board range that is built to last.

Make the most of the mould and warp resistant qualities of our heavy-duty wall board options here at FireCrunch so you can readily avoid the health implications that come with bacteria breeding due to moisture build up.as with paper lined plaster board, which can be fatal in wet areas and humid climates
Keeping customer satisfaction and convenience at the forefront, we have made the delivery of our industry leading building materials, including our wall board range available to all areas within Australia. Choose highly quality and eco-friendly wall board options today from FireCrunch; the trusted choice.

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Heavy Duty Wall Board - Building Boards

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