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Gyprock Board or plasterboard is a major seller around the world and has been for 70 years mainly because there has been nothing better to clad the interior of homes and buildings with.

FireCrunch has developed a wide range of interior and exterior use building board cladding products that have huge user benefits compared to weak high maintenance so called Fireproof Plasterboard, and the very harmful health effects of such paper based products in enabling mould mildew and bacteria to grow upon it. Homes schools and Hospitals are major beneficiaries of FireCrunch. Gyprock Board has weak structure and immediately dissolves in water or flooding

FireCrunch provides a class 4 and up to 5 surface finish so is ideal for a wide range of applications

Compared to Gyprock Board, FireCrunch is for the reasons out lined above a superior product in long term use, but it has some serious additional benefits which place it far ahead of its Gyprock Board competition.

Fire, Flooding and Termites

Are three primary elements which cost Australian home owners million of dollars each year to say nothing of the fire safety risks in metro and bushfire building areas. Gyprock Board is just a building cladding material and can only be used effectively for interior cladding. Gyprock has no way of combatting fire effectively, Gyprock Board collapses in water or flooding and is no protection against termites who eat through the paper covering and then though the soft Gyprock plasterboard and start consuming the timber framing

The FireCrunch Fire Resistant Building Board compared to Gyprock alternative Board is enormous; Gyprock board cannot offer protection against sustained fire attacks. FireCrunch protects for up to 1.5 hours 90 minutes at 1200 deg C and Australian standards tested and certified by the CSIRO (With just 1 layer of 10mm FireCrunch. Gyprock Board and similar Fireproof Plaster Board needs multiple layers with attendant substantial increase in material costs and installation labour

Gyprock Board cannot effectively protect against fire and not in a single 10mm board as does FireCrunch


No totally Fireproof Plasterboard, or totally Fireproof Building Board products really exist but FireCrunch is a new form of Fire Resistant Building Board, with very high fire resistant values replacing weak Fireproof Plasterboard, with a far superior stronger and longer lasting magnesium oxide board ( MgO) FireCrunch Fire Resistant Building Board.

FireCrunch meets all Fireproof Building Board and Fireproof Plasterboard Australian standards in fire testing and is an Australian tested magnesium oxide board product certified by the CSIRO

Environmental Building Board

The standard Gyprock board is produced with features that do not meet modern Australian living needs and ECO standards. Green considerations are another reason why FireCrunch excels compared to Gyprock Board. FireCrunch is manufactured from 45 % waste materials in Magnesium oxide ( MgO) a steel processing waste derivative which is 100 % recyclable. The mfg kiln temperatures are half that of Gyprock board plaster products being only 650 deg C with 50% less CO2 in output. During carbonation (which Gyprock Board does not do) some 90% of the CO2 is drawn back in the carbonation process. This makes FireCrunch 95% less a CO2 pollutant than Gyprock board and virtually carbon neutral.

The constant supreme quality of the Gyprock alternative and Alternative Plasterboard that you can find with FireCrunch Fire Resistant Building Board is due to the focus that FireCrunch gives on product testing and quality control measures. There are various methods of internal testing that are conducted by expert authorities like the CSIRO Hence, the final fire tested building board and fire safe building board  products that customers purchase from us are 100% high quality and tested to Australian standards which are some of the highest in the world.

There is a variety of FireCrunch product you can find with us, ranging from thickness of 3mm to 20mm and width of 1200mm, 900mm and 600mm the most common used Gyprock board is of 10 mm, and FireCrunch supplies in 10mm and a range of other sizes for uses beyond that covered by Gyprock Board plaster products

FireCrunch fire tested building board  is CSIRO certified for use in Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties

  • FireCrunch meets all profiles of use many not covered by Gyprock plasterboard
  • SE square edge 3mm, 6mm,8mm and 10mm walls, ceilings
  • TE Tapered or Recessed edge (internal use plaster set joints) same sizes
  • CE Chamfered edge same thicknesses same sizes
  • TG Tongue and Groove Edge Flooring and decking 20mm

For further advice on how FireCrunch alternative cladding and flooring products can benefit your home or large residential or commercial building projects compered to Gyprock board

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Fireproof Plasterboard Alternative
Heavy Duty Wall Board