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Environment Friendly
Environmentally Friendly Building Material

FireCrunch is a committed company when it comes to the development of Eco friendly products that are responsible for energy savings, water savings, and reduction of wastes. Environmental plasterboard really does not exist and all cement products including plasterboard produce 90% more carbon CO2 in manufacture than “Mgo” magnesium oxide FireCrunch. FireCrunch magnesium oxide board cladding and flooring is manufactured at kiln temperatures 650 deg C half that of plasterboard and then during carbonation (which plaster does not do) draws back 90% of CO2 it produced so it’s a virtual carbon neutral product

Plasterboard is a weak paper coated product that just dissolves in water/ flooding  which and the high use of paper faced product means felling millions trees each year and that’s not environmental at all.

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FireCrunch is very environmental being made of 45 % waste recycled product mixed with fibre mesh composites so it is ten times stronger than weak plasterboard and as a result termites cannot eat it, so it protects all timber framing. FireCrunch will not break down or degrade like plasterboard in water or flooding and cannot be burnt or ignite at 1200 deg C

Australian standards tested by the CSIRO for bush fire attack maximum FZ and all commercial and residential fire FRL to 90/60/60 BCA


No totally Fireproof Plasterboard, or totally Fireproof Building Board products really exist but FireCrunch is new form of Fire Resistant Building Board,made from magnesium oxide and composites of fibre mesh, often called MgO building board with very high fire resistant values replacing weak Fireproof Plaster Board, with a far superior stronger and longer lasting magnesium oxide board , Fire safe Building Board.

FireCrunch meets all Fireproof Building Board and Fireproof Plasterboard Australian standards in fire testing and is an Australian CSIRO tested certified building board 

Fireproof Plasterboard, are the ceiling lining and internal wall boards, these are basically used in commercial as well as residential building constructions. Our company manufactures a broad variety of supreme quality FireCrunch magnesium which has qualities in Fire tested building board that fire tested plasterboard just does not have

FireCrunch is not an Environmental Plasterboard it is an environmental building board made of Magnesium oxide  composites and for the reasons outlined above Gyprock alternative type plasterboard has no environmental properties at all and requires the destruction of millions of trees each year to make the paper faced product. Fire rated and fire tested plasterboard is a continuing environmental disaster 

FireCrunch even produce special boards that have effective properties such as mould resistant, fire resistance, impactful, acoustic and wet area resistant. We have skilled workers who understand the need of green products in today’s age, hence they have developed an exclusive range of FireCrunch to overcome the issues with environmental plasterboard for green constructions.

Qualities of Environmental PlasterBoard compared to FireCrunch

The Environmental Plasterboard type of our company is generally based on the standards of our country. However, some of the well known features of FireCrunch by comparison are:


When compared to the regular Alternative Plasterboard, FireCrunch has a better resistance quality to scrapes and dents and door banging and hits from heavy or sharp objects. We make use of extra precision to come up with a visible and strong smooth surface. The dense material, of the board will offer more resistance when they are installed for ceilings, walls and floors in 20mm.

  • Noise reduction

Our company delivers a FireCrunch product superior to Environmental Plasterboard that has higher sound absorption power so that when they are installed in homes, the atmosphere is noise free and more comfortable. When the boards are installed within the guidelines, one can experience 15% less noise when compared with that of a standard or regular plasterboard.

FireCrunch meets the Australian  standards well over the BCA minimum Acoustic standard at Rw 62*** These boards work well when fixed in the ceilings and walls of residential hi rise commercial and industrial buildings, and the result is a calmer environment.

  • Lots of options

We have wide range of options available with FireCrunch ranging from a thickness of 3mm to 20mm in the widths of 600, 900 and 1200 The 10 mm Alternative Plasterboard called FireCrunch Fire safe building board is usually used in residential places where simple window and door frames are required. However, some other places where these boards are used are: wet areas, shower bases bathroom tile backers together with ceilings and walls in homes where there is a need of acoustic insulation; FireCrunch excels when the building materials need to be Eco friendly and sustainable as well as being flood, fire and termite resistant .

If you have found the above qualities to be suitable for your project needs, or you need more information then please contact us immediately

Our knowledgeable personnel are available at any time to assist you with your project requirements. You can either make us a call at 1300 933 102 or simply mail us your requirements at support@firecrunch.com.au

Environment Friendly
Environmentally Friendly Building Material