Environment Friendly

Eco-friendly Flooring Board
Environmental Plasterboard

Manufacture of FireCrunch produces 90% less pollutant compared to plaster and cement based products.

Because FireCrunch is so strong, it will last a lot longer than standard building boards therefore replacement and maintenance do not become an issue. The less you have to replace, the less damage to the environment.

Asbestos content zero ( SEE Australian certificates of testing this web site)

A lot of publicity has surrounded a range of imported fire protection products in Australia as some were found to have contained elements of Asbestos. FireCrunch products have been tested in Australia to the required standards under AS 4964 and the certificate can be found under technical/ FAQ on the browser. Use of Asbestos is illegal in Australia.

Bushfire Building Protection

FireCrunch – for 100% Fire Resistant floors, ceilings, walls and external linings.

In Australia, we are well aware of the threat of bushfires and need for bushfire safe building. This was highlighted by the tragic Black Saturday events in Victoria in 2009 and starting again in 2016 with early breakouts of major bush fires in 2016 and the summer bushfires we continually experience. Consequentially, bushfire safe building has become a major issue for home owners in medium to high fire risk Bushfire building areas.

In a public interview in February 2009, Dr Kevin Tolhurst, senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne and eminent authority in Fire Ecology, and an expert witness called by the Royal Commission Of Enquiry stated that during the 2009 Victorian bush fires “the heat intensity would have reached 1200°C”.

Pine ignites at between 220°C and 280°C and steel starts to lose it’s integrity at around 500°C. Mortar can explode and bricks can collapse at high temperature. These are all worth thinking about when you are building your new home for bushfire safe building methods or renovating in a Bushfire building area.

FireCrunch  is totally fire resistant. It will not burn in a fire storm. FireCrunch is applicable in BAL 12.5 to 40 and BAL FZ flame zone regulation areas and meets the AS 3959 requirements, when used to protect exposed timber framing eaves joists etc., under AS/ NZ 3837 materials. FireCrunch will protect your home from bushfires. AS1530.4 (C1..C19)-/ 2025 CSIRO.

A single sheet of 10mm FireCrunch each side of a 90mm steel frame and an R2.5 HD Fire batt achieves the following FRL ratings from the fire side: Non Load Bearing FRL -/120/120 Load Bearing FRL 90/90/90 (Steel Frame) – Can be increased to 120/120/120 by using a 90mm 100kg Rockwool batt.using DTS alternate approved solution /BCA /NCC

BushFire BAL FZ (Flame Zone) is a low range FRL 30/30/30 FireCrunch  is CSIRO tested to FRL 90/90/90 support@firecrunch.com.au

Load Bearing FRL 60/60/60 (Timber Frame) ** See specs in fire tests report (J Zhang) Hillbridge Design and Engineering Report and Certificate, types of timber variables.

More information see Fire Manual.


Over the past years flooding has brought about huge damage and personal loss to thousands of residents all around Australia.

When primed and sealed correctly during installation, FireCrunch standard panels will not degrade or swell in water, after a flood, FireCrunch can be unscrewed from timber forming to enable the timber to dry out and then re-screwed into the forming. The product simply requires a clean up and repaint and is re installed with normal power tools or screwdrivers. No messy plasterboard degrade and no damage. FireCrunch is also 8-10 times the strength of plasterboard.

FireCrunch MBE TG  High Density Flooring Board is even better for floods and has been treated with non toxic resins to repel water penetration. Click here for more information about FireCrunch High Density Flooring Board.

Termites walk away

One of the biggest issues for Australian homes is Termites. FireCrunch is made from a uniquely formulated, non-toxic fibre composite mix so is impervious to termites and insects.

Carbon Neutral

Cement board CFC and Fireproof plasterboard manufacturing use kiln temperatures in excess of 1300°C. FireCrunch is produced at temperatures around 650°C so produces 50% less COCO22.

During the manufacturing process, in carbonation, FireCrunch actually draws back 90% of the CO2 created in production and makes it a virtually carbon neutral product. ( Paris International convention 2015 on climate change)

Tree Friendly
FireCrunch has a Green environmental policy and has been determined to reduce 90% CO2 output in manufacture. General Application. FireCrunch uses only a small amount of timber chip in the manufacturing process, leaving trees to draw back carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in natural form.

Earth Friendly

Due to the makeup of the board, FireCrunch will last for periods much longer than standard building boards, therefore requiring less repair. Even where the board has been damaged, it can be recut and used again, unlike plasterboard.

FireCrunch is made from 45% waste recovered product and is 100% recyclable.

Eco-friendly Flooring Board
Environmental Plasterboard