Fire Resistant Building Materials

Fire Resistant Building Board
Fire Resistant Building Material

Searching for reliable and durable fire resistant Australian standard (AS1530.4-2014 (C1..C19)-/ 2025), Nata CSIRO tested building boards? FireCrunch Australasia has the answers.

NATA / CSIRO TESTED BCA AS1530.4-2014 (C1..C19)-/ 2025.

Walls, ceilings, floors, decks, boundary walls, intertenancy walls, party walls, fire penetrations collars, ceiling floor systems, single stud frames 76mm to 90mm, double stud frames 180mm vertical and horizontal fire tests upward and downwards Acoustics Rw62, FRL 60/60/60, 90/90/90 and over.

FireCrunch covers 90% of all fire needs in one 10mm product and reduced wall thickness increases ROI on all developments elimination multiple layers of fire resistant plasterboard.

We have a wide range or fire resistant and fire rated building solutions:

With FCA fireproof building boards, we use the finest fire resistant building materials in (MgO and MgSO4) Australia’s first non corrosive Magnesium Sulfate board which protects metal surfaces and will not corrode steel, CONTAINS NO CORROSIVE MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE.

Our priority is to provide construction fire protection. We acknowledge the absolute importance of providing our Australia wide clients with FireCrunch environmentally friendly building boards for durability and LOW MAINTENANCE. FCA fire resistant building materials are the environmental building boards of the future TODAY!

FCA products produce 95% less CO2 in manufacture than paper lined fire rated plasterboard and eliminates the destruction of millions of oxygen producing trees each year, FireCrunch is a planet friendly building material of 45% recycled waste product.

We continually strive to manufacture our fire resistant and fireproof building materials range in the most environmentally responsible manner.

We are passionate about our fire resistant building materials and ensure our boards are hazard free. Not only do we care about the environment, but we care about your health.

Our FireCrunch fire rated building materials are completely free of toxins such as asbestos, heavy metals and formaldehyde and Magnesium Chloride. In addition, our building boards are totally resistant to bacteria and mould, benefitting both the developer and end user.

At FireCrunch, we are customer oriented and place your needs first. We aim to meet and exceed your expectations to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction. Our team of professionals are readily available to help you with your questions about our fireproof and fire resistant building materials.

Thoroughly tested and tried, our range is compliant with Australian building standards NATA / CSIRO AS1530.4-2014 (C1..C19)-/ 2025. Click here to see FireCrunch Certifications.

Ensure quality performance and safety with our premium quality fire resistant building materials range that delivers full protection within FRL 90/90/90 and beyond.

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Fire Resistant Building Board
Fire Resistant Building Material