Fire Resistant Building Board

Counting the costFire Rated Wall Panel
Counting the costFire Resistant Building Materials

Forest fires or bush fires are a major concern for the people living in sub-urban regions of Australia. Every year, hundreds of houses burn down to ashes due to these Bushfires and accidental fire starts. However, a significant amount of home fire protection can be provided to your home by constructing it with FireCrunch a magnesium oxide Composite building interior and exterior cladding and flooring, Fire Resistant Building Board. At our website you will find some of the toughest yet highly affordable fireproof building board that can provide total fire protection, bushfire buildingand bushfire safe building and certified to Australian standards by the CSIRO who have tested this FireCrunch fireproof building board.

AS1530.4-2014 (C1..C19)-/ 2025, AS/NZS 1530.8.2, AS/ NZS 3837 and addressing AS/NZS 3959 covering Highest bushfire Bushfire Attack Level BAL(BAL FZ) Commercial applications in light weight construction enable CSIRO certified to FRL to 90/90/90 and over ( Ask us)

Why Choose FireCrunch Fireproof Building Board?

Certified by the CSIRO is one good reason.

Since the FireCrunch co inception in 2011, and following the horrendous bush fires called Black Saturday in 2009 FireCrunch have committed to provide only the best fire rated products in the market. FireCrunch is a new building material not made of Gyprock board or plasterboard, but something very much stronger and 100% effective in fire, floods, termites, mould, and killing bacteria. FireCrunch has very cost effective labour cost cuts in eliminating multi layers of plasterboard to FRL 90/90/90 with a 10mm board each side of frame


No totally Fireproof Plasterboard, or totally Fireproof Building Board products really exist but FireCrunch is new form of Fire Resistant Building Board, with very high fire resistant values replacing weak Fireproof Plasterboard, with a far superior stronger and longer lasting magnesium oxide board (MgO) FireCrunch Fire Resistant Building Board.

FireCrunch meets all Fireproof Building Board and Fireproof Plasterboard Australian standards in fire testing and is an Australian tested Gyprock PlasterBoard type product certified by the CSIRO

The experiences we have gained in the last few years have definitely helped us develop an IP to be the most effective and reliable Fire Resistant Building Board that really are impervious to really high heat flux really are totally Fireproof to 1100 deg C. (CSIRO) tested and certified

Each and every Fire Resistant Building Board offered by us goes through rigorous testing by the CSIRO, which provides everyone total security in the specifications of Fire Safe Building Board when providing FireCrunch to our clients, construction company’s specifiers, certifiers, architects, designers and project managers an all their customers.

Regardless if you are looking to build a house in a suburban area or a country bushfire building area or a commercial property, the building boards sold on our website fit into a wide range of requirements across the entire spectrum of the 10 classes of the BCA.

The raw materials used in our Fireproof Building Board are very Eco friendly. The boards are made from 45% waste recycle materials that are non-toxic in nature, which make them totally fit for residential and all commercial uses. The impressive strength of our building boards can withstand all sorts of harsh conditions, which includes moist humid conditions as well. In addition, they can also bear rough handling while cutting them into pieces or during the installation. So, there are plenty of reasons why you should opt for FireCrunch for your next projects.


Fire separation walls, High FRL and High Acoustic value Rw62 (FireCrunch)

The High FRL systems in non-combustible tested allow a single 10mm each side of a light gauge steel frame with suitable Rock wool batts to achieve a FRL 90/90/90 and above with an acoustic rating of Rw 62 plus ctr (Net of Rw 52)  AS/NZS ISO 717.1. Ask us CALL 1300 933 102 or email

FireCrunch Prefabricated panel systems Fire separation walls

FRL90/90/90 acoustic values Rw 21, lightweight construction

FireCrunch can now provide prefabricated fire separation wall panel systems on steel framing with all services in place ready for connection using FireCrunch Fire Resistant Building Board This drastically cuts the cost of masonry wet wall and high repetitive costly crane lift costs and eliminates a week to 10 days of wet walls set off time before additional timber framing and plaster set can be affected. Ask us CALL 1300 933 102 or email

Fire Safe Building Board by FireCrunch makes for easier for installation. If you need any kind of assistance regarding what board to type and sizes and thicknesses needed and how to install in an effective way, etc. then please do not hesitate. You can always contact our experts or professionals to know more about our building boards.

More about Fire Resistant Building Board

The Certified Building Board offered by us ( CSIRO) can withstand temperatures up to and over 1200 degree C, and this is the reason why even major construction companies, designers and architects rely on the efficiency and effectiveness of our FireCrunch products. You can pick from a wide range of options, which differ as per their thickness, size, and fire resistant properties These boards can keep your house protected from bushfire, which engulfs hundreds of houses and properties every year in Australia, plus protects hi rise residential, commercial and industrial complexes .

Certification CSIRO

FireCrunch has earned accreditation and certification form the Highest authority and most reliable Government institution in Australia the (CSIRO), tested on the latest fire furnaces and methods to meet the (BCA) and (ABCB) standards applied in Australia for Fire Safe Building Board as an alternative to old inefficient often unreliable and very costly fire rated plasterboard and Gyprock, Fyrchek and similar costly installations.

None of these so called Fire Resistant Building Board products have a NET  ECO value of 5% CO2 Contribution.

FireCrunch is virtual carbon neutral product of 5% compared to plaster and cement products of 95% (Refer New Scientist Magazine USA CO2 pollution) magnesia products.

For more information on our Fire Resistant Building Board, you can simply give us a call at 1300 933 102 or email (24/7) through our call centre.

Counting the costFire Rated Wall Panel
Counting the costFire Resistant Building Materials