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Counting the costBushfire Resistant Building Board

Bush fire building Fire related hazards can be really devastating, particularly in drier regions. During the summer months, fire breakouts are tending to becoming more prevalent as the planet appears to be warming on a more collective international basis than as was the past

Bushfire protection is a major issue in Australia, and homes even in the fairly close outer suburban  regions of many Australian cities certainly need Bush fire safe building protection from the hazards of a bushfire.

Bush fire safe building is set to specific regulated parameters, mainly since the Black Saturday fires of 2009 in Victoria, where over 170 people died and over 2000 homes were destoyed

So, how effective can you be in bush fire safe building

Consultingthe RFS and CFS in your area is an essential first step and they will outline and prescribe the processes for building in such a bush fire building plan to meet the local regulations

FireCrunch is made of a unique formula of Mgo and MgCl2 and fibre mesh composites for extensive strength The FireCrunch Fire resistant building board capabiity is over 1000 deg C and will hold back fire for 1.5 hours at these continuous 1000 deg C temperatures

A bushfire at maximum peak with fire fuel right around a home will not last more than 5 minutes at that peak intensity if at all  and as the fuel exhausts the fire will move on and the temperature will fall off rapidly

Apart from the fire front there is another factor which spreads fire quickly, that of ember attack.  Ember attack is the carry over of smaller pieces of burning debris on high winds usual in very hot conditions and the fire front continuosly ingites ahead of the mainfront.

FireCrunch fire proof building board will not ignite in an ember attack, even if the burning embers manage to lodge in the MgO magnesium oxide lined soffits and eaves or fly under the residence, the totally non combustible Fire resistant and fireproof building board will totally repel the fire until the fuel is exhausted

The magnesium oxide material which FireCrunch is made from is Fire tested by the CSIRO  and withstands 1000 degrees celsius of temperature for up to 1.5 hours. FireCrunch has passed the rigorous BCA standards Fire testing by the CSIRO  and this is the reason why we confidently provide these fire resistant building boards for total bushfire building and bush fire safe building  Fire Tested by the CSIRO Infrastructure Technologies North Ryde NSW (2016)


In no circumstances does FireCrunch recommend that you stay in your home with an agressive powerful bush fire approaching

Leave in good tme and batton down the propery with fire shutters over windows and doors made of FireCrunch MgO The property will be intact when you return providing windows and doors are fully protected with FireCrunch MgO and the construction and protective process has also been caried out under AS/3959 correctly

For further information call on 1300 933 102 or support@firecrunch.com.au

Building Boards Sydney
Counting the costBushfire Resistant Building Board