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Bushfire Resistant Building Board

Bushfire Resistant Building Board

We are highly committed to manufacturing all our superior building products, including our bushfire resistant building board range in an eco-friendly fashion and have successfully established a powerful and responsible image in the building market of fire rated building materials.

Here at FireCrunch, we provide environmentally friendly bushfire BAL FZ FLAME ZONE resistant building board options that withstand the harsh Australian climate. Bushfires are a common occurrence here in Australia, which is why we are committed to providing effective building solutions such as bushfire resistant building board options to combat the rate of injuries and fatalities caused by such instances.

As a proudly Australian owned and operated company, FireCrunch continually strives to deliver the customer service at the highest of standards to our Australia wide clients as well as increase convenience. With our professional and highly knowledgeable specialist team here at FireCrunch, we provide you with accurate advice and guidance in order for you get the most out of your bushfire protection with our safe resistant building board purchases each time.

The market is saturated with bushfire resistant building board options that claim to be second to none, however are not compliant with Australian building standards and are highly prone to warping when exposed to excessive amounts of water caused by flash flooding. Our bushfire BAL FZ flame Zone, fire resistant building board options will not deteriorate and are specifically designed to be 100% resistant to mould so you no longer need to put up with dangerous bacteria that are harmful to your health. With the added benefit of our bushfire resistant building board range being completely free of harmful chemicals and toxins, we have quickly become to first round choice to responsible and environmentally conscious builders.

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