Bushfire Protection (BAL FZ)

Bushfire protection is essential in Australia. For most of us the home we live in is the largest single investment we normally make and in doing so the home becomes the centre of much that we do.


Welcome to FireCrunch Australasia NATA Labs tested BAL FZ building: K-Clad products.

With the reliability of NATA Labs CSIRO fire tests and durability of our FireCrunch BAL FZ K-Clad range of K-products in walls, roofing, decks and eaves, your home will never burn down in a fire storm if installed to our NATA Labs tested instructions.

We can also provide the benefits of non-combustible, timber appearance, weatherboard styles and decking which are all BAL FZ certified and assessed to AS 3959 and AS 1530.8.2 the bushfire standard codes in timber and steel framing.

So put your mind at rest, when it comes to bushfire protection with our fireproof building materials and fire resistant building boards.

FireCrunch has a great deal of experience and with flame zone protection products that have never failed a NATA Labs fire test over a long period of time.

FireCrunch is the only light weight economically priced fire resistant and fireproof building material on the Australian market that has been subjected to a full bushfire storm flame zone simulation in exterior conditions to  BAL FZ conditions at over 50Kw/m2 1000 deg C.

Effected by NATA Labs CSIRO on a 10m x 4m x 4m enclosure lined inside and out with 10mm FireCrunch not only survived the flame zone protection conditions but was undamaged anywhere with its K-Clad cladding intact and with up to 1000 deg C outside only 200mm away from the fire resistant flame zone building board with initial warm up commencing at 300 deg C rising to 1000 deg C over 45 minutes.

The interior temperature at ceiling level was 35 deg C and on the floor area 22 deg C insufficient to cause internal combustion of any kind and survivable with breathing apparatus to counter smoke inhalation see CSIRO Fire test report.

You can be reliably assured that incipient spread of fire (RISF) is a non event with FireCrunch fire resistant walls, fireproof roofing substrate, fireproof decking and fireproof flooring systems, meeting BCA Australian standards and the special conditions bush fire tests codes. See FireCrunch certifications.

Smart, simple, safe and economical, RISF FireCrunch approved fire and fire rated wall, decking, ceiling and fire tested floor systems are committed to continually delivering only the best quality fire rated bush fire protection K-Clad options. Made from lightweight and easy to work with fire rated latest composite technology in Magnesium Oxide Sulphate boards (MgSO4) materials.

BCA Standards Fire Tested in Australia by NATA Labs CSIRO

With the added benefit of rigorous CSIRO NATA Fire testing, our FireCrunch fire rated building board range is BCA ( ABCB standards DTS approved and is also tested under Alternative Performance Solutions (NCC), with NATA Labs fire reports and assessments by registered fire engineers as required. 100% fire safe and codes compliant to FRL 120/120/120.

The market is saturated with bushfire protection and general fire protection building options that just do not get the job done and can compromise the safety and security of people and buildings. View certifications.

FireCrunch RISF and incipient spread of flame in fire tested products, are the essential requirement in lightweight construction where costs and performance meet.

FCA fireproof building board and fire rated ceiling panel range is the smart and sensible option for Architects and builders who are dedicated to providing the safest and most secure tested fire resistant structures that meet the BCA requirements for any home or high rise residential office occupants with NATA Labs tested materials and systems.

Suitable for both commercial and residential construction, our fire resistant building materials for ceiling floor options offer a high standard of bushfire protection. They are versatile in their application and make environmentally responsible construction easier than ever.

Covering FRL 30/30/30 to FRL 120/120/120 in fire resistant wall cladding, fire floors and fire rated ceilings.

As a wholly Australian owned and operated company, we are also highly mindful of the environment and long terms health of the planet and the impact caused by unethical manufacturing of any sort.

For this reason we continually strive to manufacture all of our building materials, including our fire resistant ceiling panel and incipient spread of flame and incipient spread of fire range in an environmentally responsible way.

You can avoid spending excessive amounts of time searching for durable fire resistant building options when you select FireCrunch for all your eco-friendly building material needs with the added strength and durability provided due to our superior designs and our fire tested building materials.

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email sales@firecrunch.com.au for updated information and pricing checks.


  • Fire resistant to extremely high temperatures (1200ºC).

  • Meets AS 3959 BAL FZ and more up to FRL 90/90/90.

  • Non-combustible (AS 1530.1) valid 2025 NATA CSIRO.

  • Smoke and heat release AS 3837 valid 2025 NATA CSIRO.

  • 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute fire resistance.

  • Fire tested (AS 1530.4) valid 2025 NATA CSIRO.

  • Non-asbestos, AS 4964 NATA Labs Australian certification.

  • Resistant to flooding and prolonged water emersion.

  • Resistant to bacteria moisture, humidity, mould and mildew.

  • Completely resistant to termites and insects.

  • Low thermal conductivity ~0.44 (W/mk).

  • Higher R-values than plasterboard.

  • Less expensive, eliminates multiple layers of plasterboard for high FRL.

  • (RISF) Resistance to Incipient Spread of Fire and Flashover (AS5637 CSIRO) valid to 2025.


See Certifications

FRL 90/90/90 1 x 10mm sheet EACH SIDE STEEL FRAMES FRL 60/60/60 1 x 10mm sheet PER SIDE TIMBER FRAMES

10 times stronger than plasterboard.
LOAD BEARING 55kN (1.5 hrs) at 1000⁰C (see CSIRO fire test report).

Rw 62 AS 717.1 (See Certifications)

Nil content test AS 4964 Nil Chloride
R and U value (See Certifications).

Cuts, saws, drills, routs, with timber tools, power gun screwing, massive time saving on installation.

Labour Cost Benefits
FireCrunch requires 1 sheet each side for FRL up to FRL 90/90/90 (FyreChek needs 3 layers 13mm each side) or 2 layers 16mm.

10 x Stronger than plasterboard density 1.15g/cm3.

95% less CO2 emission than plasterboard