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Magnesium Oxide Cladding

Here at FireCrunch, we are an industry leading supplier of CSIRO tested by accredited NATA test laboratories in fire test certified magnesium oxide cladding at cost-effective prices.

Unlike all other imported MgO products used for modern construction, FireCrunch K-Clad exterior/interior cladding can be applied to both residential and commercial settings. As a proudly Australian owned and operated company, we have years of experience in the building and construction industry providing only environmentally friendly Magnesium Oxide cladding.

Magnesium Oxide Cladding

    • Distinguished and trusted within the field, our magnesium oxide cladding is completely resistant to fire having been rigorously tested and approved by the CSIRO
    • FireCrunch is resistant to mould to combat harmful bacteria from spreading in your home
    • Moisture resistant, FireCrunch is ideal for flood prone areas as our magnesium oxide cladding does not degrade or swell in water
    • Highly durable and strong, FireCrunch is eight to ten times stronger than plasterboard with a long lifespan exceeding that of conventional building boards
    • Has a high acoustic rating in its natural format of 10mm and results in Acoustics Rw 62 plus ctr in double stud frame formats only 220mm width collectively increasing the usable floor space area, the ROI to developer and margins to builder
    • Is impervious to termites and protects timber framing as it is not a timber based product and cannot be consumed by termites

Environmentally friendly

FireCrunch is committed to an environmentally friendly building process as we are conscious about the planet and the environment in which we live. Our magnesium oxide cladding is made from a 45% waste magnesium oxide composition which makes it 100% recyclable. By manufacturing our products with half the kiln temperature of cement based products, we contribute only a final net 5% of carbon dioxide emissions, with Co2 drawback of 90% during carbonation curing making FireCrunch a virtually carbon neutral product.

Custom engineered as a product designed to meet all of Australia’s unique climatic conditions, Choose FireCrunch today. Stop compromising your safety and budget on second rate cladding and contributing to millions of trees being lost each year with paper based plasterboard products, when our K-Clad exterior/interior cladding is what you are looking for.

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email sales@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au for updated information and pricing checks.

CSIRO Logo FireCrunch has been fire tested by Australia’s
highest testing authority, the CSIRO.

Our technology helps prevents fire damage. Download our brochure containing all our essential services which showcases the quality of FireCrunch.

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