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Exterior Protection - XCLAD

Exterior Protection

Exterior Protection - XCLAD

Whether your next construction project is a residential or commercial property, durable and reliable cladding is essential to ensure safety and longevity of the building. For this reason, FireCrunch is specifically and uniquely designed as an innovative all in one multi-beneficial solution for modern construction. FireCrunch XCLAD is a lightweight yet highly durable cladding building product that promotes and embodies all the benefits of FireCrunch. Not only is FireCrunch highly fire rated and tested for fire resistance, it is also water resistant where it does not degrade in water, is high impact proof, termite, sound, mould and bacteria resistant. These are all important factors that need to be taken into consideration in construction.

FireCrunch withstands a diverse range of conditions and is exactly what FireCrunch XCLAD is designed to do. Simple and easy to use, home and properties with the installation of FireCrunch XCLAD, achieves the safety and security of fire rated FCA building board protection. An emphasis on strong and durable building materials are now being recognised, therefore, FireCrunch has quickly become the leading choice.

XCLAD differs from the outdated and weak standard plaster board building boards due to the primary benefits mentioned above. The ease of use and installation in lightweight construction with durability is assured with FireCrunch XCLAD. The use of FireCrunch allows for a faster, cost-efficient building and construction process for those who have a weekend project all the way up to those with larger corporate constructions. For fire rated and high fire resistance building boards, choose FireCrunch.

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