Where can I buy FireCrunch?

FireCrunch has warehouses in NSW, QLD, VIC (with supply to ACT ex Sydney) and TAS, SA, WA and NT from Melbourne by road rail and sea links. FireCrunch is a life saving fire composite sheeting and requires specific instruction to install to the Australian Fire Standards tested and cannot be sold over retail counters. FireCrunch is not a DIY product and all installs must be carried out or overseen by a registered Trades Licensed holder in the state of installation who will be a joint signatory on the FireCrunch Warranty document. National and all location enquiries to 1300 933 [...]

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Is FireCrunch comparable in price to plasterboard?

FireCrunch is more expensive than plasterboard due to the additional properties that make FireCrunch a superior lining product. We cannot give you price variations here as plasterboard prices vary between suppliers, however, the cost of maintaining plasterboard in the long term well outweighs the cost of installing FireCrunch to begin with. Plus only 1 layer of 10mm FCA equals 3 layers of 13mm for 90 minutes in fire.

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