Fire Resistant Bushfire Building

Fire safe and Bushfire safe building board Victoria

Are you looking for high quality plasterboard or building board? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Plasterboard is one amid the great many materials that have been used in construction over 60 years. Made from simplest materials paper and gypsum it has been used in many buildings sorts in a wide assortment of applications including sound control, wall lining, fire protection and partitions. However if suffers from a large range of issues in longevity,high ongoing damage maintenance and more particularly in a very poor Environmental performance with High pollutive CO2 in manufacturing.

Utilizing high performance and top notch quality insulation products, like FireCrunch, can work effectively to deliver utmost fire protection and safety solutions, which aid in meeting lower construction costs and legislative requirements where only 1 layer of 10mm FireCrunch compered to sometimes to 3 layers of 16mm plasterboard 16mm each side of the frame increasing installation and material costs by 200 % . No other Building Board Victoria. NSW can provide the same peace of mind with several years of proven performance amid many building applications.

Why choose FireCrunch?

Our Firerunch is lightweight, strong and excellent building board, which is made using, fibre mesh composites, bonders and magnesium-oxide. It is free of toxins including heavy metals, silica, formaldehyde, organic solvents and various other such materials. This Fire Safe Building Board Victoria has widespread applications in both commercial and residential buildings.

FireCrunch is available nationally in Australia;

  • Moisture resistance – The board can be safely and aptly mounted in semi-exposed environments or settings and prior to a building being watertight. Thus, in turn contributing to a quicker build.
  • Amazing dimensional stability – FireCrunch can be utilized even in humid or damp conditions and has no thermal shrinkage.
  • Resistant to termites – Made from an exclusively formulated, non-toxic sort of fibre composite mix, our Alternative Plasterboard Victoria is impervious to insects and termites.
  • Slim constructions – It can be utilized to create space-saving robust wall partitions without the requirement for mineral wool in non fire rated areas .
  • Environment friendly – Due to the makeup of FireCrunch it will last for longer periods than that of standard Plaster Building Boards, thus requiring fewer repairs. Albeit, if the board has been vitally damaged, it can be easily cut RESET and used again, unlike typical plasterboard.

The key environmental impact connected with FireCrunch typically results from the creation or production process, disposal or transportation. But, our environmental building board is made to meet the strict guidelines set by the Government, which focuses on reducing the climatic destructive effects of poor content product of low ECO value .

The building boards offered by us can be used for a variety of other applications;

  • External/Internal walls
  • Internal partitions
  • Roofs, ceilings and floors
  • Service enclosures
  • Door upgrades and so on.

As mentioned earlier, the high quality FireCrunch has become most essential for many new building projects where the benefits of lower labour installations and higher cost of multi layers of plasterboard Gyprock become essential factors of consideration in alternate Building construction and FireCrunch products. FireCrunch is a high impact resistant, moisture resistant, 100% fire resistant, tested and certified, non-combustible building board . It has been tested by the CSIRO to 1200 °C with no flame out, easy to cut, work and drill. All in all, FireCrunch is the right choice to consider if safety, high performance and lower cost is of utmost importance to you.

Fire Resistant Bushfire Building