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Fire Rated Board

As a proudly Australian owned and operated company, here at FireCrunch, we acknowledge the absolute importance of providing our Australia wide clients with certificated and accredited fire rated building board options that are second to none.

With a competitive price to match, FireCrunch offers construction projects large and small a unique benefit in cost reduction in fire rated board materials. With years of experience and expertise within the field, we provide eco-friendly building materials made using only the finest materials that are ultra-lightweight and easy to work with. FireCrunch has quickly become an industry leader fire and flood resistance and termite proof building and the number one choice for reliable and durable fire rated board options.

FireCrunch Fire Rated Board

The safety and protection of your family and home during the unforeseen event of a fire is our number one priority. This is why we have manufactured our fire rated board range to be 100% fire safe with a Fire Resistance Level of 90/90/90. Not only are our Magnesium Oxide fire rated board products fireproof and fire resistant, they are also water, sound, impact, termite and mould proof building boards. We have specifically designed and tested our building boards to be resistant to warping and deterioration even when it contact with excessive amounts of water. FireCrunch fire rated board is a highly versatile product that can withstand numerous conditions and can be used in multiple settings.

No replacement is needed after flooding and all you need to do is simply unscrew the fire rated board from the framing, dry it out, give it a sugar soap clean light sand, and repaint. If the building board is damaged, it can be cut and reused, saving you time and money, FireCrunch is distinguished and trusted within this field and our fire rated board is the smart and dependable choice.

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CSIRO Logo FireCrunch has been fire tested by Australia’s
highest testing authority, the CSIRO.

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