Non-Combustible Fireproof Facade Panels

The Bushfire Season got off to an early Start
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Is your building a facade panel “POLYETHELENE FIRE RISK” like Grenfell Tower

Fire resistant non-combustible facade panels made by FireCrunch is the essential support ingredient with CSIRO Fire test certification to BCA if the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy in London is not to be repeated in Australia.

The Grenfell Tower tragedy will not be repeated in Australia if all Polyethelene (PE) filled facade panels are removed and replaced with Magnesium Oxide Sulphate boards as manufactured by FireCrunch Australia.

FireCrunch and Polyethelene do not mix and FireCrunch products have never contained inflammable Polyethelene. FireCrunch FCA is a Magnesium Oxide (MgO) and Sulphate composite (MgSO4). Non-combustible building boards have been used extensively in Australia for 7 years, with all having been Fire Tested by the CSIRO to Australian BCA Standards and contains no Metal corrosive Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2).

The Non-Combustible Firecrunch fireproof capabilities are also found in FireCrunch facade panels, fireproof façade products, external facade products and fascia panels. FireCrunch facade panels are the only really safe and cost effective choice for high rise residential and commercial buildings in Australia.

Over 1,000 buildings in each of the eastern state capitals and other cities in Australia have been identified fitted with similar highly inflammable non-fire resistant, non-fireproof aluminium faced façade sandwich panels containing dangerous highly inflammable Polyethylene which will immediately ignite when exposed to flame.

FireCrunch is an extensively CSIRO and Exova Warrington Fire Tested product meeting 100% of prescribed use under the building code of Australia and NCC. FireCrunch can be used with all types of façade framing and support mechanisms FRL to 90/90/90 10mm width and FRL 120/120/120 and over with thicker FCA products 16mm and 19mm.

You may be a building owner, a developer, a body corporate manager seeking information about your buildings façade specification and certification.

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The Bushfire Season got off to an early Start
Fire Rated External Wall CladdingFire Rated Board