Non toxic and fire resistant building boards

We are the leading provider of environmental friendly Australian Standard Certified building boards for your construction requirements. FireCrunch is naturally resistant to water, fire and is a nontoxic building board with 95% less CO2 in manufacture at very attractive prices. We supply an industry acceptable size range of specialised building board and fire tested building boards which perform so much better in strength and durability and fire than any plasterboard. These are suitable for a huge number of applications, offering long lasting and durable linings for walls and ceilings.

You can also download the installation manuals at and the FireCrunch product is widely used for on boundary and close Boundary and fire separation walls of all kinds  where FRL and on Timber and Steel frames is FRL 60/60/60 and FRL 90/90/90  for Boundary Fire Walls QLD . In addition to these facilities we always have a significant range in stock in main centre cities .

Where you need to use fire protection in Building projects

You can use our fire protection boards in so many applications through your building construction including:

  • Roofing
  • Fire doors
  • Building envelops
  • Fire separation walls boundary
  • Internal fire stairs and public ingress egress
  • All fire rated specified building

If you are interested to use our fire safety boards in the construction of your commercial buildings, then contact us now to discuss your requirements  1300 933 102. Our fire safety board offers long service life as they are designed for 100 year life cycle.

Key features of our FireCrunch Fire Safe Building Board include the thinness, lighter weight, dimensional stability; good compatibility with other sorts of layers CSIRO tested to Australian standards meets BushFire BAL FZ  and high FRL in Load bearing fire walls.  You can use our FireCrunch building boards in a wide range of applications FireCrunch is a multipurpose product replacing 14 differing types of building material in which each offer single or limited benefits

FireCrunch provides an array of building boards to meet your specific needs and also helping with a sigle wall light weight construction with acoustic values of Rw 61 with 10mm FireCrunch on a 90mm frame and other significant aspects of the construction.

High quality products

With constant CSIRO test to latest standards, you can get absolute assurance as to the quality of our products. The production of our building board will not contribute to the global warming. Individuals and corporations who are concerned about global warming will find great benefit in FireCrunch products. FireCrunch is used for Internal and External cladding supplied with a water resistant membrane to protect from external weather until final seal and finishing applied.

FireCrunch was developed first for Bush fire protection but now extends well over FRL  30/30/30 to commercial and Industrial use and hi rise residential fire protection in common and fire separation wall and floors conditions for new and urban renewal and renovations.

Our firm is established to source various products which are easy to use, durable and maintenance free. FireCrunch is at the forefront of cutting edge fire technology and works closely with the CSIRO testing authorities and Dr Justin Leonard Australias leading authority on Bush Fire fire Ecology and ember attack which led to the formulating of the FireCrunch products after the Royal Commission of Enquiry into the 2009 Black Saturday bush fires and formulating various building board QLD solutions and other states to cater this climate and also to satisfy the today’s evolving demands of construction.

Eco friendly products

Our aim is to be the reputed and leading manufacturer of more creative, technically proficient, people safe building boards which are also safe for the environment and also satisfy the ever changing needs of construction. Full technical support is available through our on line instruction manuals (  while you are installing our products. So you can download our instruction manuals to enable easy accredited installations of FireCrunch.

Our FireCrunch Product is far better than any Environmental Plasterboard and is the best choice to ensure indoor environmental quality and also waste management. 100% recyclable

No toxic chemicals

Our application of innovative different process types of building board has proven to be a success for our existing and potential customer base  FireCrunch places great emphases on safety and health, as these are non toxic and chemical free with no asbestos and no formaldehyde.

MBA PL / PJ/ 2015/09/07


  • Fire resistant to extremely high temperatures (1200ºC).

  • Meets AS 3959 BAL FZ and more up to FRL 90/90/90.

  • Non-combustible (AS 1530.1) valid 2025 NATA CSIRO.

  • Smoke and heat release AS 3837 valid 2025 NATA CSIRO.

  • 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute fire resistance.

  • Fire tested (AS 1530.4) valid 2025 NATA CSIRO.

  • Non-asbestos, AS 4964 NATA Labs Australian certification.

  • Resistant to flooding and prolonged water emersion.

  • Resistant to bacteria moisture, humidity, mould and mildew.

  • Completely resistant to termites and insects.

  • Low thermal conductivity ~0.44 (W/mk).

  • Higher R-values than plasterboard.

  • Less expensive, eliminates multiple layers of plasterboard for high FRL.

  • (RISF) Resistance to Incipient Spread of Fire and Flashover (AS5637 CSIRO) valid to 2025.


See Certifications

FRL 90/90/90 1 x 10mm sheet EACH SIDE STEEL FRAMES FRL 60/60/60 1 x 10mm sheet PER SIDE TIMBER FRAMES

10 times stronger than plasterboard.
LOAD BEARING 55kN (1.5 hrs) at 1000⁰C (see CSIRO fire test report).

Rw 62 AS 717.1 (See Certifications)

Nil content test AS 4964 Nil Chloride
R and U value (See Certifications).

Cuts, saws, drills, routs, with timber tools, power gun screwing, massive time saving on installation.

Labour Cost Benefits
FireCrunch requires 1 sheet each side for FRL up to FRL 90/90/90 (FyreChek needs 3 layers 13mm each side) or 2 layers 16mm.

10 x Stronger than plasterboard density 1.15g/cm3.

95% less CO2 emission than plasterboard