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Mould Resistant Board

Mould Resistant Board

As a proudly Australian owned and operated company with years of experience in the industry of building and construction materials, we are dedicated to providing the best customer service and convenience to all of our customers. Given the harsh and unpredictable climate of Australia, we are subjected to many unfavourable and high impact weather conditions on a frequent basis including gale force winds, bushfires, flash flooding, attacks by termites and more.

Fire resistant and fire proof building board from FireCrunch is also Termite resistant building board plus, mould resistant, including mildew and bacteria which cannot grow on this unique MGO building material.

Eco-friendly manufacturing is something of great value here at FireCrunch during all material productions, including our mould resistant board range. We make building both residential and commercial structures easier than ever with the comfort we deliver to our Australia wide client.

We prioritise the needs of our clients when it comes to providing environmentally friendly mould resistant board options that are reliable, safe and effective. With our increasingly popular mould resistant board range, you no longer need to suffer the consequences of mould and seriously health affecting bacteria in your home or working environment. Avoid placing you and your family at increased risk of debilitating health issues such as respiratory problems with our mould resistant board options that are completely free of harmful toxins and particles such as heavy metals and asbestos. See Australian certificates Non asbestos content NATA labs.

When you shop at FireCrunch, you no longer are required to spend large amounts of time and compromise your budget on mould resistant board options that are not effective as you no longer need to deal with constant maintenance or replacement. Select FireCrunch for all your mould and fire resistant building board needs today and discover the difference of eco-friendly building materials in your home.

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email sales@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au for updated information and pricing checks.

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highest testing authority, the CSIRO.

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