Fireproof Building Board

Fire Tested Building Board
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For all fire separation and boundary walls, eaves, soffits, external or internal walls ceilings wet areas, Bush fire areas or high-rise construction fire separation and intertenancy walls FireCrunch have got you covered.

Made using the finest 21st century materials (MgSO4) Magnesium Sulphate non-corrosive to metal that are lightweight yet highly durable and extremely strong. FCA FireCrunch fireproof building board range is the rapidly growing choice of builders where last century, expensive plasterboard, requiring up to 3 layers for FRL 90/90/90 with all attendant additional labour costs, saving up to 70% labour in many instances is now the first choice by all our Australia wide progressive clients ask us for more details by contacting 1300 933 102.

We are highly driven by results and are passionate about reducing the impact on the environment and planet through responsible manufacturing.

Professional and reliable, FireCrunch is distinguished amongst the competition due to our superior designs and manufacturing that are second to none verified by the CSIRO as Fire Tested to Australian BCA Standards 1530.4-2014 FRL 90/90/90 and Group 1 non-combustible product.

Today, the market is saturated with fireproof building board options that claim to be completely fire safe and certified, however many fail to comply with Australian building standards, which ultimately leads to increased unwanted hazards and risks. The recent London fire in Grenfell Tower was preceded by two similar non compliant product fires in 2014 in Brisbane and MELB. Australian Govt enquires are now trying to determine how such a dangerous highly inflammable (Polyethelene) product was passed by certifiers in Australia.

NATA LABS tested products like FCA and are the total answer to Fire safety with our premium FireCrunch quality fireproof building board.

We strive to deliver second to none customer service with our experienced team and independent Qualified fire engineers and consultants. With years of experience within the industry, you are guaranteed expert advice to help you choose the most suitable board for your project and to meet all the regulatory requirements. Our NATA TESTED fire rated building board comes in several sizes, weight, thickness, and edge for different uses.

FCA is completely free of harsh toxic chemicals and other unfavourable elements that could otherwise greatly impact your health. The FCA fireproof building board options are built to last and provide excellent protection from the harsh Australian climate without any effort. See SDS on this website.

Fireproof and Bracing solid in construction, our fireproof building board range also provides you with superior noise acoustic reduction well over 50dB/ Rw62 plus ctr using 1 x 10mm sheets of FCA each side of an industry standard Double Stud fire separation wall frame and brings this high acoustic level at low cost.

Stop wasting valuable production time and money trying to locate high cost heavier density and higher thickness and wide wall materials which require constant maintenance and upkeep that is time consuming and disruptive. Speak to our highly experienced team for more information about our light weight products using less material less expensive cladding overall and a substantial labour time reduction and measurably faster completion. Select high quality BCA tested FireCrunch for all your fireproof building board needs.

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email for updated information and pricing checks.

Fire Tested Building Board
Tongue and Groove Flooring