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Are you looking for an all in one solution for your decking construction needs? Are you in need of not only fire resistant building boards but products that can withstand a number of conditions?

Here at FireCrunch, we have the perfect cost-effective solution for you. Our highly durable MgO decking boards are made from the finest environmentally friendly materials to produce lightweight building materials for modern construction.

Apart from being fire resistant to FRL 90/90/90 it is also termite proof, flood proof, mould mildew and bacteria cannot survive on FireCrunch. FireCrunch cuts, saws, and drills with timber tools and our MgO decking boards have an exceptionally long-life span, exceeding that of conventional fire-resistant building products. Durable, long lasting and 100% recyclable, FireCrunch is excellent for residential and commercial building, and your number one choice when it comes to second to none exterior Magnesium Oxide (MgO) decking boards.

Fire resistant bushfire building BAL FZ

Providing home fire protection to properties is one of our top priorities. We have retained Australian NATA accredited testing authorities such as the CSIRO to ensure all of our MgO boards are reliable and adhere to the required standards levels for public and personal safety. Not only do we provide premium MgO decking boards, FireCrunch is not a timber based product and we have successfully managed to reduce our carbon emission pollutants compared to cement based products. FireCrunch meets all BAL FZ, and bush fire-resistant building levels including BAL FZ flame zone and higher. Your home will not burn down in a bushfire protected by FireCrunch and used to our specifications.

Made with 45% Magnesium Oxide (waste product) and mixed with specialised IP compounds, our MgO boards are 100% recyclable. They are very strong at loadings NATA tested to 6.2kN.450mm joist centres. The longevity of our products prevents deterioration, making them a sustainable option for our Australia wide customers. Fire, water, sound, impact, termite and mould resistant, our MgO boards are the all in one solution for you.

Paint render or texture coat all surfaces interior exterior building board. One board multiple applications.

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Calcium Silicate Board
MgO Board Australia