MgO Cladding

FCA K ROOF FCA 2 TG 19HD SMOOTH UPPER FACE sanded faceMgO Flooring Boards
Fire Resistant Board

In considering sustainable and environmentally friendly MgO cladding for your next project your search ends here at FireCrunch. We are Australia’s leading manufacturer of premium MgO cladding combined with specialised IP and compounds to produce products that are completely fire resistant and fireproof. FireCrunch has the same qualities of timber but with no combustibility and no flame out. As a modern, rigorously CSIRO tested, MgO cladding, we are the ideal choice for building in fire rated areas.

FireCrunch MgO cladding has extensive applications in construction for both residential and commercial properties. Our MgO cladding is eight to ten times stronger than Fyrchek 16mm plasterboard, reducing loss and breakage. Our range of fire rated and fire tested building products are also water resistant due to its material properties. When wet, simply clean, sand and repaint. If damaged, MgO cladding can be cut and reused, unlike plasterboard.

Major cost benefits:

  • FireCrunch cut labour and materials cost up to 70%.
  • FireCrunch achieves FRL 90/90/90 on one single 10mm sheet each side of firewall versus 3 x 13mm so called fire rated plasterboards.
  • Three times less materials, three times less transport, three times less crane upload, three times less labour install time.
  • FireCrunch has other major benefits in health, kills bacteria, mould, termites, and protects timber framing.
  • Class five top commercial finish, no additional linings required, paint, render or texture surface, cuts, saws drills and fixes with timber tools, plasterers can cut and snap 10mm, uses standard available base and topping plaster sets.
  • A unique and fully compliant BCA CSIRO tested building material including NATA tested acoustics Rw 62, and non-asbestos tests NATA Clearsafe under AS/BCA.
  • With our MgO cladding, no special tools are required for installation use timber cutting drilling and routing tools in seconds. With an environmentally responsible manufacturing process, we produce 90% less carbon dioxide emissions compared to cement based products. Not only is FireCrunch fire and water resistant, it is also termite, sound, and impact proof. Uniquely formulated to withstand a number of environmental conditions and strong enough to last the years to come. Choose FireCrunch today for your MgO cladding construction.Call us on 1300 933 102 or email for updated information and pricing checks.
FCA K ROOF FCA 2 TG 19HD SMOOTH UPPER FACE sanded faceMgO Flooring Boards
Fire Resistant Board