IMPORTANT NOTICE: FireCrunch MgO Board FCA is a “Non-Metal Corrosive”, MgO “Sulphate” Board (MgOS4), Australian NATA Labs Certified, Click Here for Non Chloride Non Corrosive Content Certificate.

Fire Resistant Plaster Board

Fire Resistant Plaster Board

IMPORTANT NOTICE: FireCrunch MgO Board FCA is a “Non-Metal Corrosive”, MgO “Sulphate” Board (MgSO4), Australian NATA Labs Certified, Click Here for Non Chloride Non Corrosive Content Certificate.

Since the middle of the last century, Gyprock plaster Boards have gained tremendous popularity in the world of construction materials. Without any doubt, we too understand the importance of plaster board when it comes to providing a simple interior cladding product as the best available for the last 70 years. Fire tested plasterboard, with important but very limited applications in fire tested plasterboard protection and no capability in water of flooding or the attendance to health issues in bacteria in the paper faced Gyprock Board and fire safe plaster board type products.

However the times have changed and demands from the buyer public and large corporations commissioning development of such new projects have become more discerning in the use of such Gyprock and plaster board products which have a very low eco value and contribute heavily to Co2 pollution in manufacture. Gyprock alternative building board is now constantly sought for health (no bacteria as with paper lined products) and environmental reasons as Mgo magnesium oxide board meets these 21st century construction requirements

For this reason, at FireCrunch, we offer the Gyprock Alternative Building Board and fire tested building board as the best Alternative plaster board option available.

Why Choose FireCrunch instead of Gyprock Plaster Board?

FireCrunch, unlike Gyprock board ,offers protection from:-

FIRE, FLOODING , TERMITES, ACOUSTICS, BACTERIA, MOULD and MILDEW, Plus is a virtual Carbon neutral product and is TEN times stronger than Gyprock plaster board

Gyprock Board plaster products do none of these together, FireCrunch is a multipurpose Building product, which will protect you and your family in home fire protection. Whether you live in Bushfire building area seeking bushfire safe building plan or in a city apartment block, in a caravan or mobile home, in flood areas, termite infested parts of Australia,, OR  you are looking for a healthier home environment unaffected by mould mildew and bacteria, which lives in paper based Gyprock plaster board.

Firecrunch does in one multipurpose Fire tested building board what 14 other types of Gyprock Board and products do individually

Others in the field

Fyrecheck Fire only (multiple layers required)

Acoustic Stop (Heavy duty expensive material

Aquacheck (An additional Board to repel water)

There are many more and all Gyprock alternative board types of plaster based products none fully repel water flooding or termites and are only marginal with FIRE and none on a single 10mm fire tested plaster board  FireCrunch 1 x 10mm board each side is 1.5 hours of protection at 1200 deg c board .

Fire Resistant Plaster Board should be very carefully considered in the range of capabilities it offers before buying
In the end it is only a Gyprock Board plaster material between 2 sheets of paper and nothing else

Fire Proof Plaster Board should be warranted carefully by the buyer and compare it closely to Firecrunch magnesium oxide building board or MgO building board first and check the other benefits provided by FireCrunch in health safety and the eco value in terms of our environment


No totally Fire Proof Plaster Board , or totally Fire Proof Building Board products really exist but Firecrunch is a new form of ,magnesium oxide , Fire Resistant Building Board,with very high fire resistant values replacing weak Fire Proof Plaster Board, with a far superior stronger and longer lasting magnesium oxide BCA CSIRO fire tested product ( MgO) FireCrunch Fire Resistant Building Board.

Firecrunch meets all Fire Proof Building Board and Fire Proof Plaster Board BCA Australian standards in CSIRO fire testing and is an Australian tested magnesium oxide board. Certificates issued by the CSIRO see Fire certification this web site
issued by the CSIRO 

Fire Proof Plaster Board is not always what it claims to be and you should consider the other values that “YOU NEED “ in walls ceilings floors, decking and long term maintenance costs of Gyprock alternative plaster board before deciding on such Gyprock plasterboard board products

Give us a call and let us know about your requirements. Our experts will get back to you with the most appropriate solutions. Call 1300 933 102 or sales@firecrunch.com.au.

Quick Reference Topics

  • Fire resistant to extremely high temperatures (1200ºC).
  • Meets BAL FZ and up to FRL 90/90/90.
  • Non-combustible (AS 1530.1) and smoke release AS/3837.
  • Fire Tested (AS 1530.4/2016)
  • 30,60 90 Minute fire resistance
  • Non-asbestos, NATA Australian certification.
  • Resistant to flooding and prolonged water emersion.
  • Resistant to bacteria moisture, humidity, mould and mildew.
  • Completely resistant to termites and insects.
  • Low thermal conductivity ~0.44 (W/mk).
  • Higher R values than plasterboard.
  • Less expensive, eliminates multiple layers of plasterboard for high FRL.


Australian Standards (Certificated in Australia)

See certifications:

1.5 hours 1 x 10mm sheet.

10 times stronger than plasterboard, load bearing 55kN (1.5 hrs) at 1200⁰C (see CSIRO fire test report).

Rw 62 AS/717.1 (see report certification).

Nil content test AS 4964 R and U value (see Tech info charts).

Cuts, saws, drills, routs, with timber tools, power gun screwing, massive time saving on installation

Labour cost benefits
FireCrunch Requires 1 sheet each side for FRL up to FRL 90/90/90 (p/ board needs 3 layers 13mm each side).

10 x Stronger than Plaster Board.

95% less Co2 Emission than Plaster Board

CSIRO Logo FireCrunch has been fire tested by Australia’s
highest testing authority, the CSIRO.

Our technology helps prevents fire damage. Download our brochure containing all our essential services which showcases the quality of FireCrunch.

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