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Are you in need of a fire rated insulation board for your residential or commercial property construction project?

Are you looking for a building board that is also environmentally friendly and cost-effective?

If so, your search ends here at FireCrunch. We are an industry leading supplier of premium fire rated insulation board products that are highly accredited and certificated with high R and U values (see website). These FireCrunch fireproof cladding products also provide give a class 5 commercial finish, with no additional cladding for a top commercial class 5 finish, fire and finish all in one board. We understand the importance of highly durable and reliable fire-resistant building boards that can withstand Australia’s varying weather conditions. As an all in one, multipurpose and multi-beneficial fire rated insulation board, FireCrunch is the smart and dependable choice.

Distinguished and trusted (CSIRO) fire tested within the field, our fire rated insulation board is completely resistant to fire with a Fire Resistance level 90/90/90. Made from magnesium oxide, special resins and compounds, our fire rated insulation board also combats mould and harmful bacteria, does not degrade in water, is impervious to termites, is sound proof to BCA levels and water resistant. Australian NATA fire tested building material and approved, our fire rated insulation board has an acoustic sound insulation to Rw 62. Its insulation properties also help to protect internal furnishing from internal combustion and flash burning from high external temperatures.

Being eight to ten times stronger and four times longer lasting than conventional plasterboards, our fire rated insulation board is the perfect solution for all your construction needs. With environmentally responsible manufacturing processes, we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint and are able to provide sustainable products. FireCrunch’ s eco-friendly design and multipurpose functions has pushed the market to higher expectations and standards for quality building boards. FireCrunch is the number one choice when it comes to fire rated building boards.

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BAL 29 Decking Board
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