FireCrunch has:

  • Load bearing (steel frame FRL of 90/90/90 55Kn/ NATA LABS CSIRO NSW
  • Load bearing (timber frame FRL of 60/60/60   NATA LABS RESOLUTE QLD
  • on Load bearing FRL of —/120/120 more on application of additional 10mm sheet per side

!! Read timber framing specs for FRL 30/30/30 (Bush Fire Manualand FRL 60/60/60 (Main Fire Manual) before commencing work on any firewalls.

» See technical manuals
» See certifications

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) defines the Fire Resistance Level (FRL as the testing period in minutes for three criteria, i.e.:

  • 60/60/60 first figure is Structural Adequacy (the ability of a structure to maintain its stability and
    load bearing capacity)
  • 2nd figure is Integrity (the ability of a structure to resist the passage of flames and hot gases)
  • 3rd figure is insulation (the ability of a structure to maintain a temperature below specified limits on the unexposed surface
  • being 180 Deg c plus ambient as a maximum allowed at any one point of the unexposed side of the fire wall).

The longest test time recognised by the BCA is 240 minute period 4 hours.

All FireCrunch products have been NATA tested or assessed under NCC 2019 by Registered Fire Engineers ( NCC 2019) and 2022 valid to until 2025, the 5 year limit for re evaluation.