FireCrunch has a very high fire resistance and has been tested at temperatures up to 1200ºC for over four (4) hours and board did not ignite or pass flames) CSIRO.

FireCrunch passed the following BCA ABCB AND NCC tests in 2015, re-assessed July 2020 to 2025.

  • AAS1530.1 Non-combustible building cladding
  • AAS1530.4 Fire resistant systems tests in timber and steel framing load (55Kn) and non-load bearing
  • AS 5367 Non-flash over and (RISF) Resistance to Incipient spread of flames 60 minutes and 90 minutes
  • AS 3837 Smoke release and pre-ignition tests
  • AS 3959 Bush fire standard for all BAL FZ flame zone
  • AS1530.8.1 and AS1530.8.2  BAL FZ post-fire re-ignition standard compliance
  • AS 4964 Non-asbestos content (border security) NATA Labs
  • No Chloride tests  NATA Labs Sharpe and Howells VIC
  • Load bearing span tests to 6.1 kN 19mm TG sheets NATA Labs Brick and Mortar VIC

AS 1530.4 / 2015 RE ASSESSED JULY 2020 TO JULY 2025

Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures, Part 4: Fire-resistance test of elements of construction covering fire resistance.

(CSIRO full, real-time external area bushfire simulation test)
AS/NZS 1530.8.2 see burn down attempt CSIRO 2017.

Methods for fire tests exclusively for materials and elements of construction in bushfire-prone areas, namely:

  • AS 1530.8.1 – Tests on elements of construction for buildings exposed to simulated bushfire attack;
  • Radiant heat and small flaming source, which covers BAL 12.5 to BAL40
  • AS 1530.8.2 – Tests on elements of construction for buildings exposed to simulated Bushfire attack.
  • Part 8.2: Large flaming sources, which covers BAL-FZ FRL 30/30/30.  (All contained within the AS 1530.4-2014 certification),which is 90 minutes not 30 mins using. Just 1 x  single 10mm sheet each side of single frame.

Fire resistance level (FRL) 90/90/90

  • Load Bearing
  • Steel Frame: 90/90/90  55kN
  • Timber Frame: 60/60/60
  • Non Load Bearing: -/120/120 higher FRL with 2 x 10mm each side1.15 BMT
  • FireCrunch IS CSIRO Certificated on a 90mm cavity standard steel frame with just 1x 10mm
  • FireCrunch board each side of frame with R2.5 glass wool batts for FRL 60 minutes  and 80Kg mineral wool batts for FRL 90 minutes and to achieve acoustic rating Rw62 Plus ctr net Rw52 .

Australian certified testing NATA LABS CSIRO available (ask us) or for download. » See Certifications.