FireCrunch differs from plasterboard in a number of ways in that it is:

  • Approx. ten times stronger
  • It won’t degrade in water*
  • It cannot be eaten by termites so totally protects timber framing
  • Is easier to handle and use (less chance of board damage)
  • Can be used as both an indoor and outdoor lining
  • Improves the thermal and sound insulation of your project
  • Acoustics are Rw 62 plus ctr =net Rw52
  • BCA requirement Rw 50 net
  • 90mm frame cavity using appropriate ( Mfg) insulation batts FRL 90/90/90
  • Is virtually fireproof (CSIRO certified). See Certifications (FRL 30/30/30 to 90/90/90)

* Warranty: Prolonged submersion in water without an opportunity to dry out will void the FireCrunch warranty. Before using, treat this product as an indoor product: store out of weather, under cover, prior to sealing with (“Vapour Permeable Sealer”) Klaas S1 AquaCrunch.

Do not use regular undercoating direct to the board surface otherwise paint surfaces will be affected. Once sealed with above vapour permeable sealer after 24 hours apply Dulux Precision, Max Adhesion Primer then use Dulux Finish water based paints ( Warranty tested product).

Do not use regular undercoating otherwise paint surfaces may be affected, use standard water based paints when pre sealed.