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Wet Area Flooring

Wet Area Flooring

Here at FireCrunch, we provide superior wet area flooring for modern construction available to our Australia wide clients. We acknowledge the need for high water resistant wet area flooring; therefore, our products are made with the finest materials offered at affordable prices. Our excellent wet area flooring is easy to install and gives you top protection against moisture damage. With our waterproof building boards, you can have peace of mind knowing your boards will not warp or deteriorate after water exposure. We have specifically designed our water resistant building boards to withstand the effects of water.

Our wet area flooring products are an excellent alternative to timber flooring and are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. Our wet area flooring range has quickly become the number one choice for builders who are serious about FIRE safe construction. Ideal for heavy rainfall areas, our flooring products can be easily unscrewed, dried, sanded, and re-painted after a flood. With our moisture resistant boards, bacteria and mould will not grow in your home or work environment. Our boards are also impervious to insects and are fire rated and approved BCA.

You can rely on our effective and durable water-resistant building board that come in a range of sizes and uses. As a proudly Australian owned and operated company, we are committed to providing the finest customer service and convenience. In addition, we are dedicated to the environmental manufacturing of our flood proof building boards. Are building boards are completely recyclable and does not contain any harmful chemicals and toxins. When you select FireCrunch, you are guaranteed long lasting wet area flooring products made with eco-friendly materials. Make the responsible and reliable choice today.

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